A Case for Amillennialism has ratings and 71 reviews. Brent said: An excellent and timely book, as the second edition/printing was just released last. What does the Bible actually tell us about the end times, and how has the church traditionally understood it? In a clear and accessible manner. Products; A Case for Amillennialism, Expanded Edition: Understanding the End Times. A Case for Amillennialism, Expanded Edition: Understanding the End.

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Sermons on the Book of Daniel. Instead, he has called us to persevere to the end during the calamity of nations, the groaning of the earth, the rise of false teachers, and in the face of persecution. I was always concerned that these other views didn’t take the bible literally.

Riddleblog – A Case for Amillennialism – Understanding the End

Sermons on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans pdf. Refresh and try again. Notes on the Canons of Dort First Head. The evil will grow thicker even as the Gospel is preached to the cwse corners, a necessary theological juxtaposition. To support his equation of Israel tne the church, the author quotes Anthony Hoekema, who points out that the same word is used for Israel and the church lh;q; in the Old Testament and ejkklhsiva in the New Testament and the Septuagint; p.

I believe that he ignores the immediate context, as well as the per I rated this book three stars because it has some understansing content in it regarding casr and covenant theology.


Sermons on the Book of Revelation pdf. David Lowery Gordon H. No trivia or quizzes yet. Be the first to ask a question about A Case for Amillennialism. I cannot get over the problems that premillennialists must overcome in order to remain consistent with their own framework.

However, he makes only a feeble attempt to explain how Satan can be chained and in a bottomless pit throughout the millennial reign and simultaneously “the god of this age” and a “roaming lion.

This is probably the best part of the book. I don’t often write reviews but I thought this book worthy of a few comments.

Or why the back and forth of Christ’s return with the rapture then another return? Amkllennialism Theological Seminary has officially begun the presidential search process to find the successor to current president, Riddlebarger put into words some of the things that always confused me with premillenialism. He also does a good job of summarizing opposing views and what their hypothetical rebuttals would be.

A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times

But if anything is consistent with postmillennialism, it is human history over the last years. Riddlebarger interprets many passages in the NT which I believe pertain to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD as about the end of the world. This is probably the best, most concise explanation of things I probably will never uneerstanding i.

Sep 18, J.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Sermons on the Epistles of John. And this is often a confusing subject. Sep 10, Joonas Laajanen added it.

A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times by Kim Riddlebarger

This is one of them for me. A thorough exposition of the amillennial position, though a more accurate title would have been “A Case Against Premillenialism: He admits that the most natural interpretation of the “first resurrection” is the new birth; however, he still tries to make this mesh with an amillennial reign that is restricted to the intermediate state Recognizing that eschatology-the study of future things-is a complicated and controversial subject, Riddlebarger begins with definitions of key terminology and an overview of various viewpoints and related biblical themes.


Amillennialism does seem to be the best structural interpretation of eschatology. I rated this book three stars because it has some good content in it regarding hermeneutics and covenant theology. Sometimes you come across a book that you wish you had read 10 years ago.

He moves on to explain how amillennialism is compatible with covenant theology and defends its principles “Amillennialism” doesn’t deny the millennial reign of Christ. But if there was not an iota of eschatalogical doctrine in the Bible impossible, I know, but ifthen what we conclude about the growth of the gospel since the resurrection of Jesus? All of the issues I have always had with dispensationalism and premillennialism but never found answers to were answered wonderfully in Riddlebarger’s treatment.

Understanding the End Times by Kim Riddlebarger.