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Abū Nuwās al-Ḥasan ibn Hānī al-Ḥakamī (–), known as Abū Nuwās was a classical Arabic poet. Born in the city of Ahvaz in modern-day Iran, to an Arab. For the first time ever, the khamriyyat – ‘wine songs’ – of Abbasid poet Abu Nuwas will be available in English as complete rhymes; animating. The poet in question was Abu Nuwas, whose historical exploits were later transformed into the almost magical, trickster-like antics of the legendary Abu Nuwas.

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Never before in real life nor in art have I found one so beautifully slender — so thin you might almost disappear if I couldn’t see you shining. Similarly, any understanding of German Literature is impossible without knowledge of the Bible of Luther. Thank you for your feedback. A hole was pierced into her side, The wine began to seep, Mascara running with the tears, As when a young girl weeps. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also pketry you if any clarifications are nuwaw.

Mona marked it as to-read Apr 03, The house of hope is built on sand, And life’s foundations ooetry on air; Then come, give wine into my hand, That we may make an end of care.

Two poems of Abu Nuwas, Islamic poet of male love

The waiter gently poured her out, The bubbles looked to me Like eyes of crickets peeking out Beneath the wings of bees. He pioneered the genres of Khamriyyat wine poetry and Ghazal love poetry as they took off during the Abbassid caliphate.


I’m a mine of luxury — dig me. Bruno marked it as to-read Nov 14, The rise of Islam was instrumental in uniting the warring Arab tribes into a powerful empire. In the Koran Moses and Jesus are considered fellow prophets of Allah, though Jesus is not considered as the son of God as in the Bible.

Poems of Wine and Revelry: The Khamriyyat of Abu Nuwas

In earlier times in the Moslem lands, famous Iranian and Arab poets such as Hafiz i-Shirazi and Abu Nuwas praised and rued the charms of boys whom they plied with wine and seduced. The handsome serving-boy returned to fill my empty glass: The Arabs displayed a remarkable capacity of assimilating the scientific knowledge of the civilizations they had overrun.

In fact, most scholars believe that Abu Nuwas wrote most of his poems during the reign of al-Amin It was said that al-Ma’mun’s secretary Zonbor tricked Abu Nuwas into writing a satire against Alithe fourth Caliph poetru son-in-law of the Prophet, while Nuwas was drunk.

Sep 30, Molly rated it really liked it.

Two poems of Abu Nuwas, Islamic poet of male love | Queering the Church

Muslims believe the Quran to be verbally revealed through Angel Gabriel Jibril from God to Muhammad gradually over a period of approximately 23 years beginning from AD, when Muhammad was 40, to AD, the year of his death.

Arbuthnot in Arabic Authors.

Thamer Morshed rated it it was amazing Sep 07, Kurt Klein rated it liked it Apr 09, His book “Spiritual Leadership” was praised at the court in Baghdad by the Caliph al-Mamun, who appointed him as court scribe, personal secretary and speech writer.


Golden-hued, it mingles with water and froth As it pours from the hand of a slim-waisted beauty, Who resembles a willow branch, flaunting its graceful bearing. Well known among unsuccessful wooers of boys is the unsatisfactory consolation of the hand, which Abu Nuwas describes in poem XXXIV thus: Juliette Elias added it Mar 09, Corrupt clerics accused him of blasphemy and he was imprisoned in Baghdad eight years, tortured, half-killed and exhibited on a scaffold.

Abu Nuwas: the controversial poet and his most beautiful verses

They also began the use of Algebra and advanced logarithims in order to solve complex mathematical problems. But that is another story.

At that time Arabic culture was largely based on oral tradition, with poetry at its center. Spiritus Mundi on Amazon, Book I: This was probably a labor of love, but not one by a poet. He is taken hostage by terrorists and meets the Supreme Leader of Iran, later reciting to him a short story he has written “The Supreme Leader and the Three Messiahs,” reminiscent of Dostoyevski’s “The Grand Inquisitor” set in an Islamic setting.

Namara inscription Pre-Islamic Arabic inscriptions.