A. N. Wallis Product. Catalogue, which features our complete range of industry leading Earthing,. Exothermic Welding,. Surge and Lightning. Protection products . AN Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection | Thorne & Derrick UK & Exports for best prices T&D Brochure – LV, MV & HV Cable Installation, Jointing, Substation. The Wallis concrete inspection pits are load rated to 4,kg suitable for most types of earthing and lightning protection installations. Lids are available in 2.

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The extent of any buried services which could affectthe earth termination networks. The back plate holdfast has two holes in the base for fixing in place anda threaded hole with a fixing screw to attach the Wallis non metallic ormetallic DC clip onto the holdfast. There are several methods used to obtain a lowerresistance value: Down conductorsshould be positioned as evenly as possible around theoutside walls of the structure, starting from the corners.

H.T Discharge Rod Manufacturer from Nadiad

Supplied with lock nut. The clamps have a high resistance tocorrosion and are mechanically strong to ensure a lasting connection. The rod uses the material with low magnetic conductivity and so it has a strong ability to direct fault current in secondary effect. Resistance to earthFor an LPS the earth termination network as a whole shouldhave a combined resistance of not more than catlaogue ohms,before bonding to building metalwork.

Static Earth BarManufactured from phosphor bronze rod with gunmetal fixing platesthis wall mounted bracket when connected provides a permanent pointwhere anybody requiring a temporary earth can clip on.


Your requirement has been sent successfully. The information contained eearthing thissection is intended as a guide andshould not be used to performdesigns. Botheffectively increase an electrodes crosssectional area and therefore reduce itsresistance to earth.

Switching Surge Protection Device. Copper Bonded Grounding Rods. Copper Bar Solid Copper Wwallis Rods These earth rods are designed for use where extremely high corrosion resistance and exceptionally long life cata,ogue required Detailed information onearthing design is contained ininternationally recognised European and British earthingstandards.

PV Surge Protection Devices. Chemical GI Earthing Electrode. The bond is secured by drilling two holes in the steelwork and boltingor welding the clamp in place, the conductor is then fixed to the clamp. Lattice Copper Earth MatThese Wallis lattice earth mats are a lower cost option to solid copperearth plates and when used with Bentonite provide a long lasting earth.

Photovoltaic Surge Protection Device. Cataloguue Type Surge Arrester. Screws Brass or Stainless Steel. The clips are available to suit both plain and PVCcovered tape in a variety of sizes.

Catalogue – Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection

Your enquiry has been sent successfully. In recent years there has been substantial capital investment in new caalogue to increase our business efficiency. The bonding points are available with variety of tail lengths to suitdifferent applications, specials can be manufactured to order. If youve selected Wallis for structural lightning protectionproducts, catalogye not make us your choice for surge protectionequipment too.

Spikes – Copper BS C Such is our reputation for high standards that Wallis equipmentis used around the world, including the Middle East and FarEast, with stocking distributors in key areas.


H.T Discharge Rod

What’s more, we believe we have as wide a range ofproducts as can be found in the industry. Wallis has representation in the following countries: A crows foot configuration can be used where parallelconnection is not possible.

Walliss policy to continuouslyimprove its products. Lightning Cum Switching Surge Absorber. The information contained in this section primarily refers toLightning Protection Earthing Systems LPS and does notdetail all earthing requirements for electrical wiring, althoughthere are some similarities.

They provide a long lasting solution where earth rodsare unsuitable. Hot earhting GI Earthing Electrode.

Early Streamer Emission Lightning Arrester. Earthing system designconsiderationsTo achieve an efficient earthingsystem it is essential that catxlogue lowelectrical resistance to earth isachieved, using good qualityconductors with sufficient crosssectional area to carry the expected current flow.

Earth Bars Wallis copperbond earth rods offer installers the most economical method of achieving a low earth resistance. Manufactured from Steel to BS, grade M The rods have a low carbon steel core, ideal for deep driving earthng amolecularly bonded copper covering of The aluminium tail slides under the roof tile and is fixed to the woodenbeam with a nail, the clip then protrudes from the tile and offers a fixingfor the tape.

There are two methods used to calculate the areaimmediately around a building protected by the airtermination; the zone of protection is used for buildings upto 20 metres; for buildings above this height the rollingsphere method is used.