Meditation: Antar Mouna – Ajapa Japa -Trataka. The Satyananda Yoga system offers many different traditional techniques to help the practitioner to turn the. TSYN: Antar Mouna. 14 minutes. An attempt at a more trauma-sensitive yoga nidra: heavy on choices and invitations; light on visualisation. This one is an. Mindfulness And Antar Mouna Meditation. Meditation has two main aims, the cultivation of witness consciousness, and the evolution of your.

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Take this practice off the mat and observe every moment with sntar curious mind. This means we have to hold the cultivated thought in the mind for a while. The mind will still and then wander, still and then wander. This symbol surfacing is due to optimal prana flow, the vital. In stage three of Antar Mouna, we are choosing what to focus our attention on.

The technique of observing thoughts and sensations left me feeling out of balance and ungrounded, with little inspiration for the next sit. First we must build the competency necessary to find a one-pointed focus, dharana, which will lead us to the state of meditation, dhyana.

What is Antar Mauna? – Definition from Yogapedia

The exhale part of the breath cycle is the most effective in aiding the release of impressions in the mind as well as tension or pain in the physical body. Home Mouha Tags Meditation Silence. Learning to sit with discomfort, and learning tools and techniques to help me navigate the sometimes-stormy waters of my emotions, has profoundly changed my life. Information on Stage two is coming soon!


While concentrating on this thought, use vivid and detailed imagination, and then after a while, let it go. I soon realized that though these are decent arguments to be made, ultimately, the structure of Antar Mouna is what hooked me. For example, we hear the post carrier deliver some mail and we feel: I like to escort the thought out of my mind with an exhale out through the mouth.

With refinement of the sense experience, we increase our ability to observe the more subtle components of our sensory perception and of our experience of reality. One of the notable considerations when practicing stage three is to disregard any spontaneous thoughts that float into the consciousness, and only engage with the thought, feeling or memory that has been specifically cultivated.

As I mentioned above, it takes a lot of energy to be continually cycling thoughts in the mind. Attraction of subconscious thoughts.

Take as much time as needed to hold the conscious thought in the mind. Definition – What does Antar Mauna mean? To see is to have the ability to transform.

For the last seven years, meditation antsr been the foundation of my practice. Feel the emotion in your body and be present with it, but stop the story and notice what happens. To read the first five qntar see: Here we draw upon the witness consciousness once again and take a step or two back to watch the movie in our mind. I was no longer trapped in that cycle of suffering.


When we disempower a thought by changing an automatic labeling, we empower the Witness.

Yoga & Meditation Workshop – Antar Mouna

This is a technique to prepare the mind for meditation, and has been the most helpful technique I have utilized in learning to train my mind. This is an essential step in preparing the mind for a little less structure. Please comment with questions and insights so we can build community or sangha, with all restraints of time and space dissolved in the format of this forum. The six stages of antar mauna are: As I spoke, tears silently rolled down my cheeks.

Meditation: Antar Mouna – Ajapa Japa -Trataka

However, ultimately, we seek to live our yoga. Because of this, Antar Mouna may not amtar appropriate for everyone. With this stage, we are giving the mind something external to focus on, which is easier for most, at least initially, than focusing on something internal.

Before we dive into Antar Mounafirst let me define meditation or dhyana.