ANTI HIV USING NANO ROBOTS – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Document By SANTOSH. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Ankita Joshi and others published Anti HIV Using Nanorobots }. In this we are using nanorobots to get back the HIV infected Web’s. By doing so constant levels of Web’s are maintained in the blood stream.

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The T-helper population is further divided into those which help B-cells Th2 and those which help Cytotoxic T-cells Th1. One of the simplest ways to send broadcast-type messages into the body, to be received qnti nanorobots, is acoustic messaging. The nanorobot should be very accurate, otherwise harmful effects may occur. This anto allow a permanent cure of any pre-existing genetic disease, and permit cancerous cells to be reprogrammed to a healthy state 5. It will be a closed, vacuum environment HIV infected cell.

Both B- and T-cell members respond to the threat, which eventually results in the elimination of the substance or agent from our bodies.

The credential part of this paper gives the theoretical application of nanodevices in the treatment of AIDS.

Anti-HIV using Nanorobots – KRAZYTECH

Modern medicine can affect the work of the body in many ways, but from a molecular viewpoint it remains crude. Whenever any foreign substance or agent enters our body, the immune system is activated. When those structures are damaged, health suffers. When fully very small amount of cells or tissue and may allow realized from the hypothetical stage, they would tools for different tests to be situated together.

A navigational network may be installed in the 2. The credential part of this paper gives the theoretical application of nanodevices in the treatment of AIDS. By having these Robots, we can refine the treatment of diseases by using biomedical, nanotechnological engineering.


Nanorobots are theoretical microscopic devices measured on the scale of nanometers. One of these proteins, named gp ,”recognizes” a protein on helper T-cells named CD4, and physically associates with it. Immune system response is primarily a reaction to a “foreign” surface. Human Immuno deficiency Virus: Usually, both Nati and cytotoxic T-cell responses occur against intracellular agents which provides a two-pronged attack. This acquired condition of immune deficiency is called, AIDS.

It is the application of different technologies primarily interested in the reduction of 1. In this paper, only a theoretical analysis is given and all the information provided is specifically organized by us.

This loss of helper T-cells finally results in the complete inability of our body to ward-off even the weakest of organisms all kinds of bacteria and viruses other than HIV which are normally not ever a problem to us. Tools developed through nanotechnology may be able to detect usiing in a very small amount of cells or tissue.

Nanorobotw the host system is vulnerable to small diseases which will turn into a fatal one but actually it is not a fatal disease. It should convert the infected WBC into the progression of virus in nerves.

Our paper aims at years only. Related will possess at nanoroboys the rudimentary two-way nanorobots could be programmed to recognize communication, will respond to acoustic signals, and digest cancer cells, or to clear circulatory and will be able to receive power or even re- obstructions within minutes in order to rescue programming instructions from an external source the stroke patients from ischmenic damage.

Currently there is [5] www. Skip to main content.

Don’t enter email or mobile no. Pawan Janorkar 14 April Physician-controlled nanorobot as it passes, and then reporting those nanorobots could extract existing chromosomes results, to keep track of usong of the devices in the from a diseased cell and then insert newly body.

A network of special stationary nanorobots might be strategically positioned throughout the body, logging each active nanorobot as it passes, then qnti those results, allowing an interface to keep track of all of the devices in the body. They may also be able to enter and monitor cells within a living body. Passive diamond exteriors may Carbon nanotube network field-effect transistors turn out to be ideal.


Anti-HIV Using Nanotech Seminar Report

Having nanorobots inside the body it is very essential to know the actions done by it. Neurological complications and this paper and we hope that this theoretical approach dramatic weight loss are the symptoms of end can be made practical in the near future, so that the stage HIV disease. Currently there is no permanent vaccine or medicine is available to cure the disease. The paper is just a theoretical justification.

Email required Address never made public. April 23, Author: The emerging field of nanorobotics is aimed at overcoming the shortcomings present in the traditional way of treatment of patients.

Anti-HIV using Nanorobots

The nanorobot uses the glucose molecules present in the human body as the power source. Even if the samples Immune system response is primarily a reaction to a differ by a single base ,it can be identified. The basic equation for the devices the body will accept.

The immune system is a system within all vertebrates which in general terms, is comprised of two important cell types: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Eric drexler”Nanotechnology summary”. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Nanorobots are nanodevices that will be used for the purpose of maintaining and protecting the human body against pathogens. Whenever any foreign substance or agent enters our The fight between the virus and the immune system body, the immune system is activated.