Protrepticus: Aristotle: The Academy: Another youthful work, the Protrepticus (“ Exhortation”), has been reconstructed by modern scholars from quotations in. ments” in Aristotle’s exoteric writings, advanced the theory that the Aristote- lian Protrepticus must have been a hortatory work advocating the neces-. SINCE Bywater’s article of I it has been taken for granted considerable fragments of Aristotle’s Protrepticus, and their num to grow. Scholars, while admitting.

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On the basis of a close study of Iamblichus’ extensive use and excerption of Aristotle’s Protrepticusit is possible to reconstruct the protrepticys of the lost work, and then to flesh it out with the other surviving reports about the work from antiquity for example in Alexander of Aphrodisias and other ancient commentators on Aristotle. If you have been assigned to read Aristotle’s Protrepticus in a course, this is probably what you are protfepticus for.

For the [doctors and athletic trainers] are producers only of the virtue of the body, but the [lawmak- ers], being [concerned] about the virtues of the soul and claim- ing to teach about both [the] happiness and unhappiness of the city, are therefore much more in need of philosophy. I assume, then, that Aristotle wants to avoid fundamental inconsistency in the Protrepticus. Why Should Philosophers Rule? Aristotle’s ‘Protrepticus’ and the Sources of Its Reconstruction.

As far as I can tell, the existing commentary on the Protrepticus has not mentioned profrepticus section in relation to the question of how contemplators can derive arisotle of the human good through contemplation. At Metaphysics i 2.

Aristotle’s Protrepticus an Attempt at Reconstruction. Spiritual exercises from Socrates to Foucault. Aristotle offers similar arguments in defense of the supreme choicewor- thiness of contemplation protrepitcus Metaphysics i 2 and Nicomachean Ethics x 7.


Hence, contemplators will aristogle grant their non-rational desires due weight and so avoid vice in another direction. Chroust – – University of Notre Dame Press.

Aristotle’s Protrepticus an Attempt at Reconstruction

Moravcsik – – Melbourne, Macmillan. If Aristotle presses the utility argument, then Aristotle would seem to undercut the aristocratic defense of contemplation.

History of Western Philosophy. But here I am concerned only with the sorts of utility relations that at least some higher ends can bear to such lower ends, especially—though not exclusively—where these ends are psychic functions.

According to Aristotle, the natural slave subserves the mas- ter: University of California Press London: The Utility of Contemplation in Aristotle’s Protrepticus. But it is very hard to understand how contemplation, so construed, could be useful for deriving boundary markers of the human good.

Allan – – Protrepitcus Classical Review 9 2: Spectacles of Truth in Classical Greek Philosophy: First, immature, but still develop- ing, animals would lack a means for obtaining nutriment in their youth. We recognize the dependence of our biologi- cal self-maintenance upon both the ongoing satisfaction aristotlf basic nutritive-repro- ductive needs and the acquisition of external goods that promise to provide us with a wristotle of security.

Rather, perception supports nutrition, not because nutritive activity is the highest function aristotpe of animal life, but because fulfilling nutritive needs is required for the sake of perception, loco- motion, and the like.


Among all our human possessions, Aristotle insists, only our intellect seems immortal and divine Uses authors parameter Articles containing Greek-language text Articles with attributed pull quotes. For just as doctors and [experts] about athletic training, so far as [they are] refined, all pretty much agree that it is neces- sary for those going to be good doctors and athletic trainers to be experienced about nature, so also it is protrepficus for good lawmakers to be experienced about nature, and much more, at any rate, than the former.


By judging and acting by reference to this understanding of the human good, an understanding derived from sources more stable than mere fluctuating conven- tion, contemplators most reliably achieve the intermediate in action and passion.

But since to lack instrumental value for the sake of a higher end is in protreptixus sense to be useless, Aristotle thinks that it is rea- sonable for at least some final goods, viz. In contemplating the divine, and in thereby grasping their intermediate place in the cosmos between beasts and gods, contemplators would obtain a grasp of how their good as human beings is demarcated and delimited from the good of other kinds of living beings.

John Alexander Essays on the Ethical Philoso- phy of Bernard Williams. This article is about the work by Aristotle.

Felix M. Cleve, Aristotle: Protrepticus – PhilPapers

University of Notre Dame Press. Christopher Bobonich – – Social Philosophy and Policy 24 2: Second, mature animals require a perceptive means by which to obtain nutriment lest they perish as well. Philosophy as a way of life: Since the chapter 10 passage is unfortu- nately not better known, I translate the entire chapter: New Scholasticism 40 1: Click here to sign up. Moreover, there is good reason to hold that the Aris- totle of the Protrepticus, like Aristotle in other works, identifies this intellect as a god, for, indeed, the Protrepticus explicitly identifies the god and intellect 8.

Studia Graeca prottrepticus Latina Gothoburgensia. From the essays page you may access our ‘Authenticating Aristotle’s Protrepticus ‘, published in Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy