Ascaris is a genus of parasitic nematode worms known as the “small intestinal roundworms”, which is a type of helminth (parasitic worm). One species, Ascaris. Infect Disord Drug Targets. Oct;10(5) Ascaris lumbricoides: an overview of therapeutic targets. Hagel I(1), Giusti T. Author information: (1) Sección. Ascariasis mainly contributes to the global helminthic burden by infesting a large number of children in the tropical countries. Hepato-biliary ascariasis (HBA) is.

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This is characteristic of many types of worm infections. Monthly Index of Medical Specialities India. There are generally few or no symptoms.

Hepatic and Biliary Ascariasis

Gravenstein N, Kirby RR, editors. In addition, it also serves as a nidus for cholesterol stones. Overall, mortality is low and prognosis is good, but many epidemiological and immunological aspects of Ascaris infection are unclear, acaris our understanding the disease and infection still remains incomplete.

Archived copy as title link. Endoscopic vs surgical drainage of biliary tract in acute pyogenic cholangitis: A Textbook for the Use of Students and Practitioners. However, it has acquired the character of a global disease due to increases in international travel. It must be remembered that excretion products of the worms can cause marked bowel contraction.


It also occurs in the United States including Gulf Coast. Upper airway obstruction by Ascaris worm.

Ascariasis – Wikipedia

Conservative treatment with anthelminthic agents is used in the majority. Occasionally, a worm can travel through the billiary tree and even into the gallbladdercausing acute cholangitis or acute cholecystitis.

Nokes C, Bundy DA. Acute cholecystitis is suspected by right hypochondrial pain and guarding, vomiting and fever.

Anaesthesia and Ascaris pneumonia (Loeffler’s syndrome)

This syndrome can be a response to several parasitic infestations, ascariasis being the commonest aetiology. The incidence of ascariasis is greatest where warm, even temperatures and high humidity allow the eggs to embryonate throughout the year. An estimated million—1. Ascariasis and its Public Health Significance.

Surgery Add On ; 1: Does helminth infection affect mental processing and educational achievement?

Developments in cholelithiasis during the 20th century. Infections in pigs leads to poor weight gain ascardiiose thus financial losses for the farmer. There is a female preponderance F: Digestive system is complete.


Acute cholangitis in HBA is an emergency[ 53 ]ascariz with high grade fever, chill, icterus and upper abdominal pain. Skip directly to search Skip directly to A to Z list Skip directly to navigation Skip directly to page options Skip directly to site content.

However, a reduced efficacy of single dose drugs has been reported. In contrast, in the far east, primary CBD stone are seen quite frequently to follow bacterial infection secondary to ascariidiose ascariasis.

Endoscopic and surgical interventions are indicated when patients do not respond to energetic conservative treatment within few days after hospitalization or when the worm is not expelled from the biliary tree after 3 weeks despite vermifuge. Sonographic evaluation of biliary ascariasis. The worm clearance is usually completed by 3 days in most cases depending on the gut transit time, pre-existing diarrhea and worm load. World Health Organization; Humans can also be infected by pig roundworm Ascaris suum.