INDUSTRIAL PDA Users Manual details for FCC ID VUJAT made by ATID Co ., Ltd. Document Includes User Manual AT User Manual English_Rev1. Atid AT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Atid AT User Manual. View and Download Atid AT user manual online. RFID Reader. AT Rfid Systems pdf manual download.

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There’s a 2D imager scanner or an optional 1D laser. The microSD card slot is springloaded, but still requires a bit of fidgeting to get the card in and out. Also, the AT’s 3. Base unit WiFi, 1D laser scanner: In this class of devices, it is also very competitively priced and definitely warrants consideration for any job that requires extensive data collection features, including RFID, as well as at8870 integration into existing Microsoft IT infrastructures.

Microsoft redesigned the kernel, you can run larger and more complex apps, and there’s at70 new files system ay870 supports larger storage, larger file sizes and also removable media encryption. The AT has a resistive touch screen, a time-tested technology still relevant in the field where it may rain on the display or people wear gloves, but very different from the effortless multi-touch tapping we’re used to now.

Since handheld devices may get dropped while the user is walking or running, some manufacturers test against damage when “tumbling. The imager has an LED “aimer” and is designed to scan from about two inches to ar870 a foot for a standard 30 mil bar code i. The AT’s primary internal battery offers 3.

That’s certainly a very nice feather in ACC’s cap. The module very securely screws onto the AT C Systems reveals that they know how to compete with the big boys.

The AT offers considerable application flexibility in the field. It usually contains nothing but the icons for a few basic functions. So in addition of finding just the right balance between size, weight, features, speed, and battery life, rugged product designers also must balance the degree of ruggedness against size, weight, and cost.


Eventually almost every handheld computers gets dropped while in use.

The difference in price can be substantial, in part because engineering and manufacturing something that can truly stand up to xt870 is expensive, and in part because sales of rugged equipment are usually at a much lower level than those of standard consumer products.

The AT has a dedicated phone button on its keyboard, and that’s because it can be used as a phone.


Below the scanner is the tiny camera assembly. Developers, of course, can use GPS input for whatever custom applications are required. The company sports a substantial roster of rugged handhelds atir various manufacturers and also an impressive array of RFID solutions. That’s the bad news, and one can only wonder what caused Microsoft to keep things this basic for so many years. It’s all quite arcane, and decisions as to what OS should be used will almost always depend on intended application and legacy IT frameworks for more on Windows CE 6.

Below you can see screenshots of the onscreen keyboards and Transcriber. A typical Windows CE-based device is designed for a specific use, often runs disconnected from other computers, and requires a small OS that has a deterministic response to interrupts see Windows CE 5.

Rugged PC – Rugged Handhelds: A.C.C Systems AT

Here you have access to all the device’s utilities and helper apps. As always, backlight intensity, backlight shut-off and agid shutoff can all be used to optimize battery life.

To remove it, take off the pistol grip if installedthen unlock a small sliding lever that securely holds the battery, which is part of the AT’s body, in place.

Systems has different game in mind. IP stands for “Ingress Protection,” where the “6” means the device is totally sealed against dust, and the “5” means it is protected against not only rain, but low pressure water jets from all directions. The device can be used as a phone. For data entry, the AT offers a number of options. Any of those input methods, once mastered, work well. C Systems threw the gauntlet with the claim that the AT beats the industry standard Motorola MCG in a8t70 areas, including size, cost and RFID performance, let’s take a quick look at how the two compare: The Sign Pad app shown on the right is an example of how the AT can be used for signature capture.


AT SDK – ATID Systems

On the surface that seems like a tall statement, but a look at the big Moto’s specs shows that the comparison isn’t that far fetched, and the seems a newer design. For audio, there is a microphone below the right bottom, a rather powerful speaker above the display, and a small headphone at the bottom. We used a 16GB Kingston card, and it instantly showed up, ready for use.

The display is recessed a bit, but resistive touch screens are inherently susceptible aid impact damage, so at the very least we suggest screen protectors. If more storage is needed, which is likely, there’s a microSD card slot that supports up to 32GB.

It’s not very elegant, but we’re not talking iPhone here. IP65 totally dust-proof, protected against low pressure water jets from all directions.

On the other hand Moto offers more versatile WiFi with atdi Below you can see what it looks like, and how readable if low res displays can be: The AT is solid and very robust. It can, according to A.

Windows CE allows you to build a wide range of innovative, small footprint devices. The grip can also accommodate a second a870 for additional battery life.