This Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions is published by the. British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, BACP House, 15 St John’s. Ethical. Framework for the. Counselling. Professions. Our commitment to clients. Clients need to be able to participate freely as they work with practitioners of the. Counselling and Psychotherapy was steered by the Unified Code Working Party of BACP: Professor Tim Bond (Convenor), Roger Casemore, Alan Jamieson.

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It is important also to register the role of political and resourcing ethis at work in Mid-Staffs, such as the drive for NHS Foundation Trust status, as contributory forces in the apparent collapse of normal nursing and medical standards in certain wards at that time Jenkins, a.

Key drivers and influences on the Ethical Framework Clearly, the process of devising ethic adapting ethical codes is a complex and messy process which defies easy categorisation. We will keep accurate records that: It is much better to build the Ethical Framework into your practice to help you face challenges and issues rather than just turning to it if something goes wrong.

What is wrong with the Ethical Framework? | Contemporary Psychotherapy

This type of approach was used, for example, by baacp American Psychological Association in You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Professional relationships will be conducted in a spirit of mutual respect. Our commitment to clients.


Medical ethics and the Francis Report Counsellors clearly need to be alert to on-going ethical and professional discussions about ethics in other, parallel professions. Competence — effective deployment of the skills and knowledge needed to be an ethical counsellor.

However, it may well contribute to a much broader professional project.

Counselling Ethical Framework for Good Practice – Health Psychology Consultancy

However, it still may lack a strong emotional pull, or element of traction, for many BACP members. Adopting codf proposals of the Francis Report, discussed above, would further reinforce this process.

Self-respect — working towards self-awareness and taking care of the self. There are three main sections: Since there are huge disparities in how ethics are approached, the BACP framework has made every effort to reflect this ethical diversity ethjcs considering three key ethical domains: Careful consideration will be given to working with children and young people that: Work to professional standards by: In contrast, legal action against therapists for breaches of contract or for ethjcs negligence currently continues to remain at no more than a low and somewhat anecdotal level.

We will consider carefully in supervision how we work with clients — see 60— It starts with a commitment to clients, expressed through ethics and good practice.

If you have specific concerns, you can also use the glossary as an index to help you find different topics. While recent members may be largely unaware of this incident, and it is difficult to prove its impact in any definitive manner, it seems likely that this somewhat traumatic incident has become encoded into the organisational DNA of the organisation. Miguel Hortolano — Libertad.


Counselling Ethical Framework for Good Practice

In terms of personal moral qualitiescounsellors are encouraged to towards: Build an appropriate relationship with clients by: We will protect the confidentiality and privacy of clients by: You are commenting using your Facebook account. The problem of achieving the legal compliance of therapists bacpp professional codes, previously thwarted by the failure of statutory regulation, is instead finally resolved, but by a less publicly transparent and accountable route.

Key defining moments There seem to have been at least two key, defining moments in shaping the emergence of the BACP cdoe a dominant influence in therapeutic practice with its own distinctive ethical voice.

We will not exploit or abuse our clients in any way: It is also problematic to import the conclusions of the Francis Report in an uncritical way.

What is wrong with the Ethical Framework?

Email required Address never made public. However, if the latter argument was correct, it would rather tend to etgics the past fifty years of medical negligence litigation which is clearly based on tort law and not on the law of contract.

Responding to ethical dilemmas and issues.