BALTIME BIMCO Uniform Time-Charter (as revised ) Code Name: ” BALTIME “. To view this document click Download PDF file Reproduced with. BIMCO Uniform time Charter BALTIME (as revised in ). COM_PHOCADOWNLOAD_HOT. File Size: kB. Date: 16 January. Shipbroker. BIMCO UNIFORM TIME-CHARTER (AS REVISED ) CODE NAME: “BALTIME ” 2. Place and Date of Charter. PART I. Issued

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The Master shall be under the orders of the Charterers as regards employment, agency, or other arrangements. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The parties More information. Any hire paid in advance shall be baltims accordingly. The Regents of the University of California Guidelines for Vessel Charters This document is provided to outline the risk management guidelines when the University charters non-owned vessels.

Actual Value means for the purposes baltkme Condition More information.


Tow name and type Cl. Ship means More information. Expressions used in these Terms have the meanings assigned to them in any Contract Confirmation More information. Gard AS, April 1 Gard s Defence Cover The purpose of the Defence Cover is to indemnify the Assured s liabilities for legal and other costs necessarily incurred in establishing and defending claims arising out of the operation More information. The condition for a vessel whilst in port. See also Clause Re-delivery 93 The Vessel shall be re-delivered on the expiration of the 94 Charter in the same good order as when delivered to 95 the Charterers fair wear and tear excepted at an ice- 96 free port in the Charterers’ option at the place or within 97 the range stated in Box 21, between 9 a.


Present position Trading The vessel owner has More information. The mediation shall be conducted in such place and in accordance with such procedure and on such terms as the parties may agree or, in the event of disagreement, as may be set by the mediator.

Importance of Balti,e insurance in commerce; Marine insurance plays a very important role in the field of overseas commerce and internal trade of a country. No variation of these General Terms.

No variation of these Terms of More information. The Tribunal settles it own rules on arbitration.

BALTIME 1939 – Liability for cargo damage

Port of delivery Cl. Certain words and phrases used More information. The vessel owner has.

Sub-clause D shall apply in all cases. Free on Rail This is same as F. 1993 Vessel shall be re-delivered with 76 not less than the number of tons and not exceeding the 77 number of tons of fuel oil in the Vessel’s bunkers stated 78 in Box Hire 80 The Charterers shall pay as hire the rate stated in Box per 30 days, commencing in accordance with Clause 82 1 Box until her re-delivery to the Owners.

Business Terms describes this agreement for the provision of support services to the client; Service Manager. UAS Liability Insurance Policy Wording Headings and marginal captions are inserted for the purpose of convenient reference only and are not to be deemed part of this Policy.

Certain words and phrases used. The Contractor’s personnel and sub-contractors. Sublet The Charterers shall have the option of subletting the Vessel, giving due notice to the Owners, but the original Charterers shall always remain responsible to the Owners for due performance of the Charter War “Conwartime ” See Clause A For the purpose of this Clause, the words: Hire shall not contribute to General Average Commission The Owners shall pay a commission at the rate stated in Box 24 to the party mentioned in Box on any hire paid under the Charter, but in no case less than is necessary to cover the actual expenses of the Brokers and a reasonable fee for their work.


Admiralty Jurisdiction Act No. Date of Birth 3. The Owners shall not be liable for loss or damage arising or resulting from strikes, lock-outs or stoppage or restraint of labour including the Master, officers or crew whether partial or general See also Clause The language of the Arbitration shall be in English.

Risks Clause This insurance covers all risks of loss of or damage to More information. The Charterers shall refund the Owners their outlays for all overtime paid to officers and crew according to the hours and rates stated in the Vessel’s articles Lien The Owners shall have a lien upon all cargoes except MoD owned cargoes and sub-freights belonging to the Time-Charterers and any Bill of Lading freight for all claims under this Charter, and the Charterers shall have a lien on the Vessel for all moneys paid in advance and not earned Salvage All salvage and assistance to other vessels shall be for the Owners’ and the Charterers’ equal benefit after deducting the Master’s, officers’ and crew’s proportion and all legal and other expenses including hire paid under the charter for time lost in the salvage, also repairs of damage and fuel oil consumed.

The charterparty was on a Baltime form. Definition In these Conditions, the following words and expressions have the following meanings unless and except as otherwise specifically.