Barisan Nasional Manifesto – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. BN’s manifesto for Malaysia’s 13th General Election. The opposition can say anything they want but what we (BN) do is for the future of our country and our people. When we launch our manifesto. For the time being, the 5 May Malaysian general election (GE13) has resulted the “Alliance”, which was followed by the Barisan Nasional (BN; National .. Barisan Nasional (), GE Barisan Nasional Manifesto, online: <

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Images from Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider. Click here if you want to read more about them. The main point we wanna highlight is that it could remove preferential and protectionist policies towards any particular businessesmaking it free and fair for all. Once Parliament is dissolved, a general election will be called and political parties will begin campaigning.

Following this, PM Najib then also openly voiced his disdain for toll plazas and reiterated his promise to reduce the number of toll plazas in the country.

That is the tradition. Many Shias fear for their safety and have gone underground.

7 promises Najib made pre-GE13 and what he’s done since [UPDATE]

Without further ado, here are Aiyo, why so potong stim one? Literally, the BN promised they would: This was to be done in stages through the National Automotive Policy Click here to baeisan more about barsian manifesto. Abrisan minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan said this could be the case, given what has happened in previous years.

It is not immediately because they are simply too many negative impacts if it were to be reduced drastically. But what about the feelings of Hindus and Buddhists then?


In June, Najib dropped this clue: These include a RM2. A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on April 02,with the headline ‘Malaysian Parliament could be dissolved this week’.

Free Wi-Fi was also provided to 20 public universities. Running through the list, it seems that most of the promises listed here have managed to hit their intended goals. The Malaysian Parliament is likely to be dissolved this week, as the House will sit for the final time for the session on Thursday April 5. Automotive Business International Politics Race.

Many of these people are not really against the implementation of the goods and services tax, but the lack of enforcement on price control, despite having a specific agency to enforce it,” he said. Cops patrolling a mall in Johor. In the last elections inthe campaigning period was 15 days. Barisan Nasional elections ge14 barisxn.

Also, the Government initially planned to make English a must-pass SPM subject, then u-turned on itmnifesto students and teachers are not ready for it. Another 31 per cent, orunits, are under construction, and 45 per cent are in the planning stage. The first line of the MRT system was also completed and became fully operational in Decemberwith another line to be completed by July In a comparison chart, it was shown that there was mixed movement in the prices some of the more popular car models.

Some of the things voters have said during the recent Sarawak Elections make us proud to see this political maturity:. Now, if they could nip Abu Sayyaf activities at the bud, we would have a lot safer Malaysia.

Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Malaysia has something called the Bumiputra quota. To sweeten the ground, Mr Najib has announced a slew of goodies for the public in recent days. BN has not said they would abolish the Bumi quota in businesses to date, and in fact, Nzsional Digital aka Low Yat 2 seems more like a regression than a progression of our economy. For example, the cops have caught 9 suspected ISIS militants. My colleagues made me write this.


Malaysian Parliament could be dissolved this week, SE Asia News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

You can also Sign up with email Already a member? Five years on, these promises have been fulfilled. The government also allocates RM1.

Skip to main content. It gives itself a grade of To read about the TPPA, click here. Even so, the peace seems fragile.

Malaysia’s ruling Barisan Nasional BN coalition says it has carried out most of the promises made in its election manifesto. Although there are far more promises contained within the manifesto, we selected these based on their relevance and impact towards the livelihoods of the overall Malaysian populace.

Cases of attacks, both on non-Muslims and on Muslims, is a sign we have not been able to fully attain this promise, unless the Government puts its foot down and makes examples of people who try to stir up rifts.

This promise was made within the overarching commitment to building world class infrastructure in both ansional and rural areas.