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Save the game, then proceed through the door at the top. You can always change the order or the cards used by simply doing the combo again in battle.

This place is can be difficult, because you cannot dodge many of the enemies here, and they can appear in large groups. As always, play conservatively and save your healing items.

There is a door below the door to the right cabin. You’ll hear a chime afterward and a chest will appear in the closed-off section in the bottom left of the maze. Lyude should have nothing but healing and revival, and Xelha nothing but spells and cards with 9’s. You can fight them to get photos and farm some weapon Magnus, since the battles are very easy.

In addition to that, every enemy formation yields a reward if you manage to destroy all enemies in that formation. The boss can inflict Sleep, which can actually be very dangerous. Enter bxten tower-like structure on the left for another scene. Reviewed for Big Boss Games by: Turn right to reach another shining light, then backtrack and head left for the fourth and final one.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch, Go back to the boss area and batfn through the shallow water to reach the other side. Wait around this area and speak to an old woman man?


This area can be confusing at first, but follow these instructions and it shouldn’t be a problem. In the first room, you get a lecture on the Taintclouds. Time for the last character-specific sidequest. Talk to the man inside, then talk to his son.

Try to head upward to trigger a tentacle bursting from the ground. Return and go right to reach the next area. This is a slightly more interesting area and sidequest than the previous ones. You’ll get a kkaitos every time you fly here, but for now choose to run.

Give him the stone to get the signature.

BATEN KAITOS Gamecube Complete CIB w/ Box, Manual Good | eBay

Also talk to Tumart until he signs for Kemal. I wouldn’t spend too much time farming Lv 5 spells since they will become redundant very soon. For all intents and purposes, locations such as Duhr and the land visited in the Age of the Gods also count as islands.

Either way, head back to Komo Mai and speak to Queen Corellia for a scene. Make sure to save in another slot. D You finally have free roam on the world map, so this is a great time to take care of them.

Extra sprites and 3D effects make the environments come alive. You need to pour in 4 essences, so make return trips to the pool if needed.

BatenKaitos:Manual of Style

Adjust the elements of the spells and armor accordingly between each boss. This leaves you with 2 options.

You’ll notice there is a high score tally at the top of the screen. Black Ops 4 Microsoft Xbox One, You can also exchange another set of Constellation Magnus. You can now input all the codes.


I bought this game based on underground fame. Open the menu, heal up, and revert your decks to your usual random battle setups.

Talk to the guy at the top right to learn about the nearby chest. You can’t help the ice-skating girl yet, so head to the left part of town. So hoof it back to Komo Mai and talk to that guy again. Now you can start looting this poor town. I missed out on this game when it first came out. On the left, you’ll need to push some rubble to the back, and some to the front. Be patient and keep track of his HP, and use any stat-boosting cards on Kaiitos if Savyna and Lyude don’t have anything else to do.

Baten Kaitos: Origins () GameCube box cover art – MobyGames

Either way, it’s time to open up Cor Hydrae, so return to Corellia’s Palace, speak to her, and confirm that you’re ready. In this case, follow the directions manua, in point 8 above. Return to the library’s Philosophy room to find Tufayr, then go to the first classroom in the west wing of the School of Magic and talk to the girl near the back left bookshelf.

You may want to heal up and save outside. Baten Kaitos has a relativly generic story. You may want to save afterward.