Battlefield 3 Premium eGuide. $ This guide is not available for purchase. Strategy for every DLC pack (Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill. PRO Welcome to the official game guide for Battlefield 3. If you’re a veteran of Wake Island, Karkand, Verdun, or Arica Harbor, you know why weVe But it’s back by popular demand and it really changes the pace of the game, especially if . Check out 6 new screenshots from the BF3 Back to Karkand DLC! . Battlefield is happy to bring you the first images of the official Battlefield 3 Prima Guide.

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It’s possible to fire your weapons during the descent, but your accuracy is greatly diminished, If you’re descending directly over an enemy position, consider dropping grenades — just make sure they explode before you reach the ground.

Full text of “Battlefield 3 Prima Official Strategy Guide”

When launched, the missile flies straight battlefleld then comes crashing down on the target. But you can only equip one specialization at a time, so pick the bonus that best fits your style of play. The rich just keep on taking more and more – last reply by vaxx86 on Aug 15, That’s where the classes come in, also known as troop kits.

Has Battlefield 3 lived up to your expectations? Watch your speed, particularly when turning. But their light armor and exposed positions make them death traps if driven into heavy action.

But beyond that, the light only serves as an aiming point for your opponents. As you select their name, a blue circle icon appears on the map and the camera view switches, showing exactly where they are. However, this concrete building will not last long under a sustained attack by tanks, jets, and helicopters. Great for mid- to close-range engagements with an open sight picture.


What elements do you think make for a good story?

However, the cbid-loaded ammunition used by Suppressed weapons travels slower arid does less damage at tong range. The weapons also inflict much more damage, makiog for karkqnd hyper- realistic Battlefield experience designed specifically far experts. A reliable and versatile weapon, the M is also equipped with a raii for the mounting of various accessories and an open choke that results in a wide pellet spread.

eguid Teamwork is essential if you wish to come out on top, so stay together and keep the lines ot communication open at all times. The ability to go prone also makes it much easier to conceal yourself within high grass and shrubs, making it extremely difficult for opponents to spot you.

Friday, 28 October, — Planet Battlefield News. Consider keeping this vehicle back from the action and using its machine gun turret [with zoom capability] to engage enemy infantry and helicopters. There are no vehicle unlocks or Icadout options for transport helicopters. The last of the Flanker series by Sukhoi. Never drive this vehicle into the middle of an intense firefight.

Battlefield 3 Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide [Prima]

The nritere you play, the more unlocks you acquire. As with the SMAW, aim high when firing at distant infantry or vehicles because the rocket tends to dip when traveling great distances. The rifle is in use ofifcial a variety of Special Forces units including Pakistani, Peruvian, Chilean, Indian and Polish, it has also been adapted as the standard rifle of Saudi Arabia and Slovenia.

EA Mobile Showing Battlefield The same icon appears on the minimap so that you can find dead markand. Battlefield 2 at Ancolius – Battle for Survival. This is the best way to score hits on the weak top armor of a tank.


Each assault rifle can also be equipped with the M32Q 40mm grenade launcher, which is great for blasting infantry, tlghf-skinned vehicles, and even structures. While the new single-player oampalgn offers a great story and plenty of memorable moments, it’s only a small part of Bafflefisld 3.

Equipped with an infrared camera, the MAV makes it easy to spot enemy troops and vehicles by highlighting their heat signatures, which appear bright white on the black-and-white screen.

However, the Russian forces are better acquainted with the local terrain and will prove a tenacious foe. A two-man crew is essentia for each attack helicopter to live up to its deadly potential. Consider deploying mines when defending astatic position with predictable avenues of attack. There you’ll find scoring details for each action as well as criteria for earning every rank, medal, ribbon, and dag tag.

New Battlefield 3 Multiplayer T This makes it much easier to engage targets, especially at long range. When defending, attacks mostly come from the west, originating from the other control points. Only use this in defensive situations.

I mean, we’re only 2 days in kfficial of sell-through and we’re looking at the reorders. Log in to the Battlelog using the e-mail address and password associated with your EA. As squad leader, you can pirma direct your squad by placing attack or defend orders on control points and M-COM stations.