Link: · How to tell the original from the illegal copy of Dr. Berhanu Nega’s new book. Source: Kinijit. Book Signing and Discussion on Democracy and an all Inclusive Development in Ethiopia, A New book in Amharic By Dr. Berhanu Nega. Dr. Berhanu Nega, associate professor of Economics at Bucknell University and the Chairman of the Ethiopian oppo lg sition Movement, Ginbot.

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And how do you propose to go about that? Too bad and too tragic an episode it is. Our moral compass has been berhnau Let me first, at least partially, disagree with you on the way you presented the so called the unity camp. I berhanj anticipating this discussion about foreign passport holding Ethiopians who want to participate in politics is going to come sooner than later. I am saying this because the media for its existence has to say this.

Berhanu Nega

They were no different from the way their colleagues in Woyane parliament or in Meles Zenawi’s government senior positions were sharing the instances of undisciplined havoc. But there is of course a big difference in terms of how that is to be achieved. That is why I said it is always debatable….

That people have gotten out of their fear, that they can start to behave as free people, that political differences will continue to exist. Have you anticipated this would have come that early or have you always expected that would be what your armed struggle would berahnu brought?

Every berhany has to have some kind of a moral compass to exist.

Yesterday it was in Washington DC. Contact Ethio-Zagol seminaworq yahoo. We are really really looking forward to reading it. What we need is a serious thinking and a working strategy on how to overcome the problems the country is facing. I am thrilled by your nnega, wisdom and commitment to give the Ethiopian people and the international community the true account of the democratic struggle waged in Ethiopia.


I think they decided that they cannot rule this country in a democracy. I think they also want to live in freedom; I think they want to live in a society where their rights are respected, where their languages and their cultures are respected.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You keep giving us hope. We know democracy can have different versions. You know after squandering opportunities, two revolutions in our lifetime, where it went awry, and we became worse than what we were before, here is the third chance, a chance where we can man up, can get our right hat and sit down and address this once and for all so that our children and the future generations can live at least in peace and can live in a society where their basic rights as human beings are respected.

And some of us would rather give up a few bucks here or there to chase that. The constitution has a lot of faults. The first one for me is that we have a country; that this is one political community.

– Ye’netsanet gohe siqe’d, second edition: Berhanu Nega (Dr.): Books

You berhanuu it in the form of other people saying it, but essentially your argument is because tyrants can use your organization to abuse even more, the best thing to deal with tyrants is to sit down and accept it and live; and not only that because your conscious might trouble bbook because you have accepted this, in fact, you blame it on the people who fought against it.

Birhanu join that effort to inform what took place.

Was this part of the negotiation or the agreement, if you will? The story of the process of writing is, however, fascinating. Ginbot 7, established to pursue civil resistance through an all inclusive means attracted thousands of people in Ethiopia and abroad. It can be done. So the way I look at it is, there are a lot of holes with the constitution and we have to address many of them, but we have to decide when to address what.

What happened in those discussions? And unless otherwise these issues were settled, unless otherwise we sit down and agree on the establishment of independent institutions that would lead to a meaningful democratization process five years from then, then it has no meaning; it becomes absolutely meaningless and it would give a wrong signal to the people that democracy is just a joke.


Yacob Haile-Mariam and other leaders of the CUD, as well as a number of civil rights activists and independent journalists.

I am saying your name has been used for that. That is what I call the rules of the game. Our moral compass has been lost. Let us become serious in reasoning and stop sentimental rationalization. Zagol please keep us informed on how and when we can get the book. Birhanu’s book which I offered for free to a book reading club is given to a club from Dessie.

Berhanu NegaPh. Archived from the original on 20 October Brehanu’s book in US or Canda and make it availalbe on Amazon. We know they thought this was crazy for the TPLF to advocate and push; we know, they know that this kind of politics is dangerous and that they have been telling the TPLF not to go that route. I saw people waiting for hours and hours to vote and make a decision about their leadership. The person who told me about not having a constituency, for me that question was answered in Since there is very hight demand for the book some people will try to profit from publishing and selling the book illegally.

That is why you have this inbuilt anger and madness that makes this ethnic divisions much bigger than they are and why they trigger this emotional reaction, because we have lost our basic moral compass and the concept of the rule of law.