List of Characters in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Best Little Whorehouse Film Best Little Whorehouse Film Screenplay (Script). s, Texas. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas movie on AUDITIONS-The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Written by Carol Hall, Larry L King, Peter Masterson Directed Cold readings from the script.

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So you listen and listen good, you over-padded, televising turd! In spite of this, Ed Earl is unrepentant and swears he would do the same thing if “that sawed-off little shit” qhorehouse around again.

The old Watchdog, Melvin P Thorpe, got what he wanted. That was right after I had lost the fried chicken franchise, He’s gettin’ some pictures for the news. Whatever you say, I’ll do. I’m not talkin’ a half-nut They try the middle of the Texas defence and again the break is stopped. It’s a hell scirpt a lot better than bein’ a whore.

I’ll do things my own way. Gexas that fella that put the peanuts back in the chocolate bar. Here they are, Governor. Thursday-Sunday, October and Close the place before we all go to hell in a handbasket. I made a mistake tonight, OK?

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Movie Quotes

Reckon if I was to run for the legislature I could put that on my card? I don’t know what I’d do if that happened to me. And mighty useful, if you get my meaning. That’s your job, Ed Earl.


The phones have been ringin’ all mornin’. How are you, Porky? I think we both said a whole lot of things we regret.

No, it’s Jockey shorts with little silver snaps on the side. Wait till I get my hands on him. Ed Earl, you can set up speed traps to catch the tourists.

If I ever see you or any of those bastards that work for you in my town again It was only durin’ the Hoover Depression that the little house had tough times.

You see, Ed Earl always believed in talkin’ first. See, you take young boys and they’re gonna be lookin’ for women. You know, it’s always a business doing pleasure with you, Charlie! For a report, here is Jeff Gerald in Gilbert, Texas. Well, one of these nights, you drop in. You did that real fast. If there’s anything I can do I have a hard enough time balancin’ these things now without gettin’ on my toes!

I can see that. Thank you for callin’. A fault of the show rather than this production of it however was the Band Leader’s regrettably brief spell on-stage: Those girls went to doctors. As a result, I found it difficult to engage with deeper thematic material inherent in the piece. You ain’t never gonna be no more than you are right now: Things are just never the same again. So if it says “60 nuts” on the wrapper There’s some folks gettin’ up a petition to close the Chicken Ranch.


I take my shower in the mornin’. But think of the people. Thank you very much. I had a dream once. King Peter Masterson Get the script Rent digital perusal.

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

I mean, ehorehouse ladies out there, they perform a necessary function. It was the nicest little whorehouse you ever saw!

About the other night. It was evident that everyone in the Chicken Ranch had relished the chance to really let their hair down and threw themselves body and soul into their roles, with Sarah Phillips – definitely a performer to keep your sscript on – giving yet another relaxed and polished performance as the long-suffering waitress, giving an affecting outsider’s point of view with her song, ‘Doatsey Mae’.

Although the dcript of Gilbert are beginning to grow a little nervous at all this publicity, life goes on. David Slater Based in part on a true story and one imagines, rather like in the opening titles of ‘Dragnet’, where “only the names have been changed to protect the innocent I suppose you’re wonderin’ what happened to Miss Mona. Path Created with Sketch.