This system is used by Bolex Rex 16mm cameras. Most light .. Please read manual and complete written portion of test prior to operational proficiency. Bring. Manual for the Bolex 16mm Reflex 5 camera equipped with external film magazine. Original Bolex H16 Reflex Instructions Manual. bolex-hreflex- Motion Picture Camera Manuals – Download them Free! Got a paper manual? Send it in, and we’ll scan and PDF it! Especially interested in any Bolex technical .

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However, both only have a height of 5. Bolex cameras are fairly common on eBayso if you don’t win the camera of your dreams, just wait a week or two; you’ll see another. The easiest and most fool-proof method if the camera is a H model is to look at the fixed turret carrier plate it’s attached to the front of the camera body, onto which the rotating turret disc is mounted. However, if you “borrow” text from my site to use in your description and you give credit to the source bolexcollector.

In addition, it’s painted entirely manjal a flat black color. Visit their websites for more information.

MANUAL: Instructions for Use of PAILLARD-BOLEX Model H Cameras – Story Arts Centre: Equipment Room

There are adapters available on eBay and elsewhere that make 16m the height difference. There are far too many factors that determine the price of Bolex equipment. It best represents my personal interests, and the equipment I use or collect. To reduce confusion, this website uses a naming convention for reflex cameras based on the usage by Paillard Incorporated during the s and s in the United States.

I will eventually add a table of exposure times for each camera on their respective page. The Bolex 16 Pro was a professional camera designed for television news coverage and studio work.

Thanks for asking, but I’d suggest just listing it on eBay. As accurate as I can determine, given my sources of information accumulated over the past 20 years. Just keep it mind that because one item sold for a high amount, another similar or even identical item may oblex for next to nothing, or vice versa.


Yes, check the Links page under “Service and Repair”. As such, this website doesn’t attempt to place a value on any item. Technically, any camera that can take single frame exposures is capable of time-lapse. Sure, I’m always interested in adding more to the site and building on the information already here. However, the following locations have offered Bolex Authorized repair manial the Manjal States for many years: You’re also welcome to post a message on our Facebook fan page or send us a Tweet bolexcollector about your item.

MANUAL: Instructions for Use of PAILLARD-BOLEX Model H Cameras

Although the company still exists, this website mostly deals with the 16mm and 8mm cameras and equipment they produced from If the plate is wide and colored black with two polished metal vertical lines, it’s a reflex camera. However, Boleex, H-8, pocket size and super-8 cameras are not difficult to find on eBay or elsewhere.

Yes, but not exactly. However, there are still options available for using cameras that required them; this article offers some suggestions.

Motion Picture Camera Manuals – Download them Free!

If you want to share some information, you can also post a message on our Facebook fan page for others to read. This description sometimes appears on eBay and elsewhere. On certain model projectors, the serial number can sometimes be used to distinguish between 50 cycle and 60 cycle variations.

Just make sure to clearly separate the quoted text borrowed from my site from your own description of the item you’re selling, so as not to confuse bidders.

Bolex Collector | Frequently Asked Questions

Note that many of these factors sometimes have more to do with janual appeal and presentation of the auction, rather than the desirability of a specific model. First hand experience from the equipment I own or have used; official Paillard service and repair manuals for certified repair employees; Bolex instruction manuals; vintage magazine print advertising; Bolex product catalogs and sales brochures; the Bolex Reporter magazine articles and equipment reviews ; books written on the subject of Bolex, printed by Paillard and other publishers; collections of written correspondence between customers of Paillard Incorporated and its employees; maunal between myself and former employees of Paillard-Bolex and Bolex camera dealers; authorized dealer material and intracompany correspondence.


When looking for a projector, you should consider the availability of replacement parts and lamps, among other things. Not at the moment. I’ve burned film on projectors that failed to transport the film when switched to a different speed an with a faulty motorbut have otherwise never had problems with ruined or scratched film.

Much less likely, is the possibility that the seller is making an intentionally misleading claim to overstate the value. Any camera that has bloex ability to capture single frame exposures. Over time, I decided it might be useful to other people who were interested in Bolex cameras.

Bolex International also bole the conversion. All H cameras, most pocket size cameras except the L-8 and some Super 8 cameras have this ability.

However, a cable release and adapter, if needed is required for single frame filming to be considered practical. mahual

If you’re not interested in buying, many motion picture rental facilities supply the later model cameras. Click here for a general overview of the different models, or browse individually through the Camera Section.

For a full list, see this article: Visit my Links page for other sources, and maanual free to email me with suggestions for any facilities that also offer Bolex service or repair.