Secrets of the Black Temple – Basil Lacroix aka Basil Crouch . [ recommended ] The Book of Forbidden Knowledge by Basil LaCroix a.k.a Basil Crouch. Basil Crouch A.K.A. Basil LaCroix was\is one of those old-time great . His “Book of Forbidden Knowledge” (published after my above posts. Home · Documents; Basil Crouch Doll Magic Fairy Gold – Basil Crouch Aka Basil Lacroix. Beyond RareDocuments · pdf download.

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At one time the… basul Book Iv The Key by Hermes Trismegistus The alleged teacher the magical system known as Hermetism of which high magic and alchemy are thought to be twin branches. Mix of witchcraft books by Orion Plain And Simple.

All the sorrows are… more. When I had emptied to the dregs the cup of human suffering, I was led to consider the wretchedness of this world, and basi fearful consequences of our first parents disobedience. Sex figures heavily in this book.

Many will recall Basil LaCroix’s mail order courses in magic and voodoo, not to mention his healing groups in South London. Seeing there is a three-fold World, Elementary, Celestiall, and Intellectual, and every inferior is governed by its superior, and receiveth the influence of the vertues thereof, so that the very original, and… more Occult Philosophy And Magick Book I by Henry Cornelius Agrippa How Magicians Collect vertues from the three-fold World, is declared in these three Books.

After a period of study of Lurianic kabbalah see Luria, Isaac ben Solomon Luria or Loria, Isaac ben Solomon, he became bqsil influenced by its ideas of imminent national redemption. The symbolism of these divine beings is based on the number seven rather than six, with Sol being treated as one among… more Chymical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkreutz by Benjamin Rowe The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz originally published in German knodledge As always the clothes that… more.


Uncover the powerful secrets of social control, from Mr X.

The Book Of Forbidden Knowledge by Basil Crouch

This book offers a new life of amazing personal-and material-power. The title is often simplified to The Simonomicon. In the exercise of this duty he carried on… vook. One can begin to live and enjoy life.

Dont think it worked for anything, but then who knows.

Basil Lacroix – Book of Forbidden Knowledge

It examines what can be asserted about anything that exists just because of its existence and… more. The knowledge of Sabda Brahm — Nada Brahm is an important branch of the Indian school of spirituality. Seen pictures if I remember correctly doing rituals in a room for students.

These angels also rule the equinoctial and solstice points, the seasons, and the signs of the Zodiac. Firstly, in its conclusion it gives the precise line of descent, or derivation nasab actually, four of them of Ibn al-iArabs formal spiritual affiliation with the hierarchic Messenger of God as represented by… more. This work is so dark, potent and lethal, containing arcane rites which have never been in print and surely will never be again.

The others being “Magical and Ritual use of Perfumes” with Iona Miller, and “magical and Ritual Use of Aphrodisiacs” This book is a typical example of the attention to detail, clarity of writing, and concise nature that I have come to expect from the author.

Now in his late 80s, Basil LaCroix a.

Dear student of Alchemy. Much of it is mind-boggling-even frightening-and we can only say that ‘truth is indeed stranger than fiction’! August 22, You will get lucky with White Magick chants! They are not meant to be studied or analyzed, but repeatedly performed on a regular basis. Many look to Magick and the occult to find ways that they can boost their energies in order to do it. This collection of essays, written betweendeals with aspects of the practice of magical evocation.

They badil supported with propaganda of some false organizations and have only one goal — to… more The Gospel Of Thomas by Anonymous These are the secret sayings which the living Yeshua has spoken and Didymos Judas Thomas inscribed. But it was only in the s that lucid… more History Of Freemasonry Vol I Prehistoric Masonry by Albert Mackey IN the study of Freemasonry there are two ska of statements which are presented to the mind of the inquiring scholar, which are sometimes concurrent, but much oftener conflicting, in their character.


This and all the other books by the author can be read individually, or discussed in a group. A hallucinogenic travelogue of the netherworld, this extensively… more.

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A successful seeker in dream-work must be stable enough in presence to avoid being swept away by the winds of karmic emotions and lost in the dream. You will be amazed at the mysterious and powerful way in which the spells of the Old Ones work.

The making of the box is simple. The late Mr LaCroix claimed doll magic became the source of his wealth and good fortune after a rich lady gave him a set of dolls in return for a favour in the late s.

So far, there has only one text of The Book of Power vorbidden been found, Shah searched through… more. To primitive religion and the Indians of Mexico and the American Southwest it was a friend of… more.

Forbiddsn believed… more Ars Notoria The Notary Art Of Solomon by Solomonic Grimoires Tiitle of a work of magical invocations and prayers attributed to Solomon and therefore related to the celebrated Key of Solomon crluch King, one of the most famous grimoires, or book of ceremonial magic.