PREFACE The present volume contains the Brahmanda Purana, Part I (Chapters ) completing the first-two sections (Prakriyd and Anusaiiga) of the text in. INR / $ , Title: Sri Brahmanda Puranam, Author: hi Chakravarthi Ph.D., Genre: Spiritual. The Brahmanda Purana (The History Of The Universe)Is One Of The Eighteen Mahapuranas, A Genre Of Eighteen Hindu Religious Texts And Has Been.

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A guest at the time of Sraddha should be received as ‘masters ofYoga move in different forms to guide people in Dharma’ ibid V. He was the sovereign ruler who conquered the earth and donated it as daksind. Divisions of Stratosphere, the Chariot of the Sun-God Kindly recount the wonderfully diversified creative activity of Prajapati during the days ofyore”.

The publication ofthe Puranas in English translation is a step towards that goal. Can we regard tliis mytliical astronomy as a part oftlie Sun-worsliip, as we pirana say about it in the Bhavisya Purdna where Maga Braiimins are found worsliipping the Sun? Bhdgavata Purdna, Bhagavat, Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad. Telubu will be fallen and associate with Sudras kn eating etc. Knowledge About the World 8. After these, Kilakila clan will rule, after whom Vindhya- sakti A.

This is the oldest pro-Bhargava account of the cause of Parasu- rama’s action. The ”ruii-intervals were distributed in the notes as follows: The critical Introduction, the lucid translation and comprehensive annotations are, in fact, his monumental contributions to the studies in Indology.

Another reason attributed to Visnu’s descent is the curse of Sage Bhrgu.

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Fall of King Vasu for denunciation of Sacrifices At the instigation of Indra, Brahmnada killed her. These are termed as nine Brahmas as they participated in creation, but his mental sons Sanat-Kumara and Kratu became Yogins.


Ganesa prohibited Parasurama from immediate entrance. The story of Rclka’s wife Jamadagni’s Ksattriya mother eating up a portion of Caru charged with a specific mantra 1. The day and night ofBrahma i. The Varndsrama- brahmana is a later creation by god Brahma VV. People lived in natural surroundings as the climate was pleasant. There was social equality. ParvatI strongly complains against this. For avenging his father’s death by killing Sahasrarjuna, Parasurama approa- ches Brahma forguidance and is directed to propitiate Siva by penance Il.

That self-contro- lled sage passed on the kuowledge of that extremely wonder- ful Purana the content of which was the knowledge of the real state of the world. Radha is eulogised by Brahmanxa.

Astadasa Puranamulu

He magnanimously says to Vasudeva, “Just as she is your daughter, she is mine too. Puranas agree that there puranx 30 kings in this dynasty but actually give only 16, 25, 23 and 24 names. The author ofthe Bd. Dvaipayana — The son of Parasara and Satyavati, popularly known as Vyasa the arranger due to his classification of the floating traditional Mantras into four Vedas.

The story of Bhargava and the killing of Karttavlrya II. Indra being afraid ofthe child that would be born of Siva and Uma requested Agni the omnipresent Fire-god to disturb their sexual intercourse.

The distance between pairs of these, the girth, height and extent of these mountains, all these are mentioned is so many Yojanas. How they are inhabited by the mobile and the immobile living beings. The two sections which complete this volume illustrate the two characteristics of a Mahapurana viz. You are learned and educated.

We wish to hear the divine story of the Purana that is on a par with the Srutis and that is full of righteous topics. The Iiynin is a list of epitliets W. Mythological legends The most outstanding feat ascribed to Rudra in all the Puranas e. At the time ofcreation, Ksetrajna presided over Pradhdna and agitated the gunas which thereby became uneven due to loss of their equilibrium and the great principle Mahat was evolved.


The description of the creation of subjects by Bhrgu and other sages, where-in the lineage ofthe Brahmana sage Vasistha is recounted. It is accompanied by Lalitd-Mdhdtmya the glorification of the Goddess Lalita in 40 chapters. The Lord knowing that these human dispositions always consist of the good and the evil, created them again, indeed, without hesitation avisahkah for the sake ofperformance of religious actions. Jdtukarnya — Vayu or Prabhaiijana — Vyasa, is the proper Parampard line of oral transmission.

The enumeration of the different Sakhas Branches of the Vedas; the importance of the disciples ; the seven types ofVdkyas sentences and narration of the spiritual lines of the sages.

Name ofthe Veda Total No. Lord Brahma recounted to Vasistha’, the entire Purana that is on a par with the Vedas and the main theme of which is the real state ofthe universe. Day and night constitute his form and nimesa-wa. The Javanese version joins the Matsya recension of this cosmography.

Sri Brahmanda Puranam

Magnificence of God Siva: The author of our Purana is an ardent devotee of Krsna or rather of the Radha cult. Radha in Parasurama legend shows its interpolatory nature. Santi, disposes of this episode in a few verses, even though it is a ‘Bhrgui- sed’ version.

He received the permission of the king?