CD Datasheet – 1-Chip FM Electrical Tuner IC, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet. The YD is a bipolar integrated circuit for use in mono portable and pocket radios. It is used when a minimum of peripheral components (of. cd datasheet, cd datasheets, cd pdf, cd price, cd buy, cd stock.

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Do not touch the antenna or you may be burnt! Rather unimpressively, each kit comes in a bubble wrap package. I have achieved everything, except the connections of the AA Batteries. You can remove the self-adhesive backing from dztasheet front window and apply it to the front of the casing, checking the orientation. Two AA batteries to power the receiver.

CD , Tube CD; Röhre CD ID, IC – Integrated

Then solder each successive pin taking care not to short out adjacent pins. The schematic as listed is shown above. June 15, at Of interest is that dstasheet reception mode switch actually switches the audio path to the amplifier.

January 25, at 1: It seems to have a lacquer finish to stop the pads from oxidising, but is not otherwise tinned nor plated. Insert your two AA batteries of choice, and you can start listening to radio right away.


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Turn the tuning dial to a known station location, and if you have a second radio, have it playing the same station. Because there were more capacitors, I decided to tackle them first. The other two battery terminals form the positive and negative. In my case, I ended up substituting a salvaged from another piece of broken equipment … but this is why having two kits with the intention of making just one might be useful.

Next thing was to solder a pair of yellow wires to the positive and negative of the speaker. I found the datashewt of the FM band hard to reach, but not impossible with a combination of spreading the coils and adjusting the offset trim on the variable capacitor itself.

From here, we can mount the two copper air-coiled inductors. If I was doing this again, as I did for my second kit, I would populate the resistors before the datxsheet mainly because the clearance to get resistors flush on the board is limited once the capacitors are installed. Everything is in Chinese.

Project: Paeansonic CFSP CD+CD AM/FM Radio Kit | Gough’s Tech Zone

Will datssheet if it works as well as yours did. There is also a jumper wire marked with a J — this can be made with a scrap electrolytic capacitor leg. The unit has an IF of about 70kHz, and features a frequency locked loop with internal muting of weak signals. The capacitor markings can be hard to read, but are mostly three digit indicating the first two significant figures and number of zeros in pF. The final connection is the FM antenna connection. November 24, at 8: Repeat for the UTC as well.


(PDF) Cd9088 Datasheet download

My board looks like this — ready for the population of resistors. Take note of the orientation, insert, bend leads, solder and clip leads until all the electrolytics are mounted. The values can either be read or checked with a meter. Would have liked the legs on the FM chip a bit longer, would have been even better if chips had fitted into DIL sockets.

Sound quality is datssheet. As mentioned, the instructions were all in Chinese. This really is a kit that looks almost store bought! The AM reception is being achieved with the CD The FM antenna also needs to have a wire connected to it.

September 8, at 1: Hopefully if they forget to include the data sheets, I can print out yours. This post will be a little review of the kit, along with tips and hints especially for English speaking constructors.