Title, Chimica organica. Con CD-ROM. Author, Paula Yurkanis Bruice. Edition, 2. Publisher, Edises, ISBN, , Length, Bruice – Chimica Organica. To maximize your viewing experience of this digital catalog, we recommend installing Adobe Flash Player Plugin. This installation. K. Peter, P. Vollhardt, N. E. Schore, Chimica Organica,. Zanichelli. • P. Y. Bruice, Chimica Organica, EdiSES. • T. W. Graham Solomons, Organic Chemistry.

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Summary of Chimica Organica

Brruice and learning strategies. Contents Organic natural and synthetic compounds. Con il termine idroborazione si definisce la reazione di addizione di borano BH 3in solvente etere dietilico o tetraidrofurano THFa legami insaturi come quelli presenti negli alcheni e negli alchiniper cui si ottengono composti detti idroboratiche se ossigenati con H 2 O 2 in ambiente basico, portano alla formazione dell’ alcol meno sostituito.

Show the structure of organic compounds and the principles of their chemical reactivity.


Reazioni degli alcani e cicloalcani. The electronic files shown during the lectures will be provided to the students. Aromaticity, reactions of benzene and substituted benzenes. There are also 10 hours of exercises in which the teacher will perform exercises oriented to promote the understanding and assimilation of the topics covered in the orgsnica lessons, and to guide the students in the preparation of the exam. Some to choose from are listed below.


Alkenes, alkynes, carbonyl compounds. Polycyclic and heteroaromatic aromatic compounds. At the prganica of the course you will be able to draw eddises chemical structure of complex organic molecules, to predict their reactivity and to relate their properties with the molecular structure. It will be also checked the capability to connect the properties of a functional group with those of the macromolecules containing it e.

Enrolment methods Manual enrolments. The ability to recognize the organic compounds classes alcohols, amines, aldehydes, etc. III unit – Alcohols and phenols.

Reazioni di riduzione e di ossidazione. Aims Show the structure of eises compounds and the principles of their chemical reactivity. Semester F irst semester. Synthesis and retro-synthesis of molecules of low complexity Course content The concepts of chemical chimics and atom ibridization will be briefly summarized, followed by an introduction to stereochemistry and conformational analysis. Electronic structure and chemical bond. My e-mail for students My e-mail for staff Close.

V unit – Synthetic organic polymers. The prerequisites of the course are the basic principles of organic chemistry learned in the course of Organic Chemistry I. VIII unit – Laboratory experiments: The knowledge about nomenclature and stereochemical principles will be also evaluated.


Periodo di erogazione dell’insegnamento Primo semestre. Structure of the atom and covalent bond. Information on the course unit. La reazione, infatti, porta alla formazione di enoli che riarraggiano a chetoni ed aldeidi attraverso il meccanismo della tautomeria cheto-enolica. VI unit – Carbohydrates. Give now Alma orienta Job placement.

00148 – Organic Chemistry

The student will be trained in solving simple problems of organic chemistry and retro-synthetic analysis of relatively complex structures. Prerequisiti Chimica generale ed inorganica. Single cycle degree courses. The course involves the study of the structure, properties, composition, reactions, and preparation of chemical compounds consisting of primarily carbon and hydrogen, which may contain any number of other elements, including nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and halogens. Schore, Chimica Organica; 4a Ed.