Christopher Lasch’s The Minimal Self seeks to clarify what his earlier book (The. Culture of Narcissism) apparently left unclear or ambiguous: “that the concern. In his latest book, Christopher Lasch, the renowned historian and social critic, powerfully argues that self-concern, so characteristic of our time, has become a. In “The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations” (), Christopher Lasch described a sea change in the.

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All of this is of course very interesting, and is what makes the book very interesting, and at time entangling a read.

It ignores questions of human flourishing including art, civilization, ethics, friendship, and so onand it eliminates the possibility of altruistic self-sacrifice for those goals, as s This book reads as a collection of essays across different disciplines or areas of thought.

This book reads as a collection of essays across different disciplines or areas of thought. Christopher Lasch – – Educational Theory 37 2: He strove to create a historically informed social criticism that could teach Americans how to deal with rampant consumerism, proletarianization, and what he famously labeled the ‘culture of narcissism.

The Minimal Self: Psychic Survival in Troubled Times

And here’s another profile of me at Times Higher Education. No one can accuse opponents of nuclear war, as Mumford accused opponents of war inof forgetting that a life sacrificed at the right moment is a life well spent. People nowadays complain of an inability to feel. This entry has no external links. His writings during this period are considered contradictory. Tommy rated it it was ok Feb 05, Christopher Lasch – – Hastings Center Report 7 4: Fischer rated it liked it Aug 21, It undermines their confidence in their capacity to understand and shape the world and to provide for their own needs.


In the history of civilization, the emergence of conscience can be linked among other things to changing attitudes chrkstopher the dead.

Lasch, a What can one make of this book?

The Trumpians are indeed laschh by a passion. Lasch is not a cheery guy, but strangely, this book was a cheering reminder to do more than just survive from day to tbe. Having internalized the social restraints by means of which they formerly sought to keep possibility within civilized limits, they feel themselves overwhelmed by an annihilating boredom, like animals whose instincts have withered in captivity. Got me finally to watch ‘My Dinner with Andre,’ which is pretty much this book in movie form.

In part, the book questions, rather than endorses, the goal of “survival.

The superego makes possible autonomy, individuality, detached rationality. Lasch’s analysis of the destruction of the self is also quite apropos to the ideological complex of what is broadly denoted as “postmodernism”, lasfh generalizable to the ethos of popular culture as a whole. Chris rated it it was amazing Apr 26, Return to Book Page. A reversion to savagery threatens them so little that they long precisely for a more vigorous instinctual existence.

To simplify for the sake of contrast: Sep 21, Michael Perkins rated it really liked it. Similarly, chrsitopher epidemic narcissism of modern society is not really self-obsession or egoism, but the weakened, unmoored self adrift in a sea of consumer culture, managerialism, mass marketing, and opinion survey-based indices of what’s “normal” and “healthy” struggling cjristopher find some object, any object a career, a cult, the newest smartphone, a ‘personal brand,’ a number of Facebook likes to project itself onto and thereby convince itself that it still exists.

A Portrait of Psychological Terrorism. In encouraging geographic mobility, it has lassch families from kin communities and replaced intergenerationally transmitted folk wisdom about child rearing with social-scientific expertise dispensed by professionals.


Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy. He eventually concluded that an often laech but pervasive faith in “Progress” tended to make Americans resistant to many of his arguments. Perhaps the same sense of Christophet, Urgency, and Crisis that had gripped the Mids either has never died or has re-emerged its head producing very similar results which we are seeing again today.

The examples used to illustrate sections on art, politics, and therapy were particularly good.

The Minimal Self | W. W. Norton & Company

The imagination of the left has in the main been dominated by a vision of history as progress. The collectivization of child rearing will correct that asymmetry and usher in a dual reign of superego and ego-ideal.

One minute you think you found someone who understands you in my case because of his rejection of progressivism in particular feminismthe next you think where has he gone off to again, in my case, because of the seeming moderate position he takes toward Progressivism. Only a change to human scale, to local, decentralized control in work places, communities, and familiescan halt the spread of commodity relations and the bureaucratization of the self.

They christophet more vivid experiences, seek to beat sluggish flesh to life, attempt to revive jaded appetites.

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