Cinnamomum tamala. Lauraceae. Nees & Eberm. LOCAL NAMES. Bengali ( tejpat,tamala); English (Indian cassia lignea); Gujarati. (tejpat,tamalapatra); Tamil . Tejpatra- Cinnamomum tamala is an ayurvedic herb mentioned for the treatment of bad odor from mouth, black spots on the face, dental caries. Descriptions and articles about the Indian Bark, scientifically known as Cinnamomum tamala as classified by Extant & Habitat resource in the Encyclopedia of.

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Retrieved 28 June Staminodes as long as the stamens, hastate, long-stipitate. Retrieved 12 December Hence, it is likely that some images may not be exactly of Cinnamomum tamala. Malabar had been traditionally used to denote the west coast of Southern India that forms the present-day state of Kerala and adjoining areas.

Cinnamomum albiflorum Nees Cinnamomum cassia D. cinnamomuum

Cinnamomum tamala

LigerCat has been developed for the Biology of Aging Project. Trees, medium sized, up to 10 m tall; branchlets slender. It is thought to have been one of the major sources of the medicinal plant leaves known in classic and medieval times as malabathrum or malobathrum. Garg Creative Commons Attribution 3. It is called biryani aaku or bagharakku in Telugu. Last update on Year ISBN Description The second edition of an excellent guide to the edible uses of plants, though it does not give any details of cultivation etc.


Chinese herbology Herbal tea Marination Taala rub.

Cinnamomum Tamala Or Tej Patta Plant Bey Leaf plant

Click on the tabs below to know more Dicots are diverse in habit, with half of all the species being more or less woody-stemmed – a reflection of the usual presence of a vascular cambium in the class.

It is native to India. How to register here? Details of the clinical studies related to the plant species. The name tries to highlight the intense flavoring conferred by the leaf, which is added to Indian dishes as a spice. Is a constituent of Chyawanprash. Magnoliopsida is the scientific name for dicots.

Retrieved 3 July There are five tamalw of tejpat leaves [6] and they impart a strong cassia- or cinnamon-like aroma to dishes, while the bay laurel leaf’s aroma is more reminiscent of pine and lemon.

Cinnamomum tamala – Useful Tropical Plants

A good article on Yuccas, one on Sagebrush Artemesia spp and another on Chaerophyllum bulbosum. Retrieved from ” https: Indian bay leaf Semi-dried Indian bay leaves Scientific classification Kingdom: The leaves of the species are used as a popular spice in several Indian dishes, particularly in Northern India.

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Cinnamomum albiflorum Nees Cinnamomum finnamomum Lukman. Vascular bundles of the stem are usually borne in a ring that encloses the pith. Cinnamomum reinwardtii Nees Cinnamomum veitchii Lukman.

Leaves sub-opposite or spirally arranged, chartaceous to sub-coriaceous, glabrous in mature specimens, ovate, oblong to lanceolate, 2. Retrieved 29 June Now containing plants.

Cinnamomum tamala – Biodiversity of India: A Wiki Resource for Indian Biodiversity

A respectable number of nucleotide sequences is above Based on classification More details can be found in the Binomial Classification section. Yes Other plants of the same family having medicinal use: The leaves have a cinnamon-like aroma as the species name would suggest.

Style thickish, as long as the ovary; stigma small, peltate. Parameter Value s References See complete references in the References section at the end Is this plant cultivated commercially in India? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Other plants of the same family having medicinal use: