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LOGIC CARTRIDGE VALVE – DIN 1/3. L09 03/ Type. Size. Max pressure. Area ratio. ICLI DN bar. 1: 1: 1: 1: /S. ICLI ARON cartridge valves are basi- cally composed of a cover and an operating unit insert in the ISO (DIN ) mounting frame. Each cartridge valve is. (). (). (). (). (). () () () () () (). * only together with d4 max and t4 max. Installation Dimension as per DIN

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The following table gives details of equivalent UNC bolts which must be to Grade Bidirectional flow capability, simplifies manifold block design. If the flow through the pilot valve is reduced by reducing the command current to the solenoidthe force balance of the main poppet is again disturbed and the main poppet moves downwards reducing the slot area and decreasing flow to xin upper chamber until the force balance is restored.

Pilot control orifice location Orifice size Specify non-standard orifice size code, see tables on page Piping can be eliminated, providing leak free construction. Do not re-use any orifice plug that has been removed from an assembly.

Royal Hydraulics – Cartridge Valves

Drain port Y is always connected directly to the reservoir. Y For thread sizes and orifice kits see page Flow from A to B is possible only when there is no pressure at port Z2; the insert is locked closed when pressure is applied at port Z2. Covers All covers are field serviceable providing that correct parts and test facilities are available. Area AP is the circular area defined by the diameter of the poppet.


Size 80 only Example: Alkyl-based or chlorinated hydrocarbon fluids are not to be used. Refer to applicable pilot valve catalog for further options and details see page For thread sizes and orifice kits see page For availability of covers by size and function see page 4.

Spool valves must be sized for the maximum flow seen at any of their ports. Single solenoid valve Double solenoid valve AC coil s: In this manner a very simple, effective servo-control of the main poppet is obtained.

The pressure differential between inlet and outlet must be at least 5 bar 72 psi for optimum reduced pressure control for low flows. All features must be specified when ordering; those di brackets are optional. Check type valve opening area is greater than that of equal port size spool valves. Cracking pressure, bar psi For models ZD L – 1,0 Opening the pilot throttle valve Figure 40 lowers the pressure in volume 3 allowing the main poppet to move off its seat.

For instance, a cartridge cover can be changed to control poppet time and travel, thus controlling actuator acceleration and speed.

Cracking pressure, bar psi L – 0,3 4. DVthe orifice size must be specified at the end of the insert model number.

Cartridge Valves Slip-in Cartridge Valves to ISO 7368 (DIN 24342) Vickers

These can simulate remotely the integral pilot options shown starting on page In this form, they serve as a one-way valve, allowing free flow in one direction while blocking flow djn the reverse direction.


Flow is either blocked or allowed from port B to port A.

Page 20 20 20 21 21 22 22 27 27 Solenoid controlled, pilot operated models 2-way, 2-position; single- and double-solenoid control; sizes 16 to Sizes 16 to are per DIN standard Common amplifier for any valve size minimizes inventory.

See pilot operated check valve information, page Often, the most economical system incorporates combinations of manifold mounted spool valves and screw-in and slip-in cartridge valves. Note that any pressure in port Y is additive to the setting s of the integral pilot pressure control s.

See Figure 2 for the Vickers approach.

When used with insert model D16 1: Pilot port Y maximum pressure limit is also bar psi. Installation dimensions unaltered for design numbers 10 to Z1 Orientation pin Location ddin optional orifice Z1 Minimum clearance for removal of cover from manifold For thread sizes and orifice kits see page The control cover can also contain a manual adjustment for limiting poppet lift and flow rate.

A typical application would djn where the final holding pressure on an actuator needs to be varied e.