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easy // Programmable Relays are ideal where multiple push buttons, relays and timers are used–car washes, automatic doors, lighting, pump control. The easy and MFD-Titan device series stands out with its user-friendly operation and programming, with particular importance being placed on simple circuit. Eaton Moeller EASY Relay. For technical or sales support call the Eaton Electric Automation and Motor Control Experts.

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Certain “inexpensive” proximity switches need to manua, connected to a load at all times for them to function properly. These are handy internal relays which can be used as memory or to extend a row if more than 3 contacts are needed such as in the ILLEGAL example shown at the left.

If input 1 I1 is activated then output relay 1 Q1 is activated.

Figure 37 Figure There are 6 specific analog comparators to work with: Press “P ON” to activate. This card is a small memory chip that plugs into a little door on the lower right face of the unit, just above the output relay terminals.

The unit will automatically detect the presence of a Card, and the Program Menu will then have an additional choice: The number at the top Setting a password of will completely delete a previous password. Now use the cursor disk to move to the left, to the 2nd position, right eaxy512 to the I1 symbol.

This comparator is activated when the voltage on I8 is less than or equal to a setpoint value. This is used to set system defaults and startup behavior.


Note you may use the same input symbol repeatedly. This is shown in Figure Inputs are sometimes subject to “contact bounce” from pushbuttons or other input devices, manua may cause a momentary “chatter” in some circuits. Basic Programming Figure 5 Circuit Diagram: A momentary activation of the reset coil Manuual will stop the timer dead and the elapsed time will remain at zero. This comparator is activated when the voltage on I7 is less than or equal to a setpoint value.

Press OK, and I1 will appear, indicating Input mannual. Another application might be to control lights in a home while the owner is away on vacation.

Moeller EASY Manuals

If a password is set but not activated, then the password is stored in memory but is not used. Impulse or Alternating Relay: Shown here is a simple on-delay timer circuit and parameter display. When the TT1 “trigger” coil is activated, the time count begins and the timer’s contacts close when the preset time is reached and then remain closed until power is removed from the trigger coil TT1.

Simply move to any contact on your diagramm and press OK to select it. This has an application in a reversing contactor for example.

Moeller EASY512 Manuals

,anual to 8 Text Variables D1 thru D8 can be defined, each of up to 12 characters. After the reset coil RT1 is deactivated, the timer remains dead until the trigger coil TT1 is momentarily deactivated and then reactivated.

Use the cursor again eaay512 move the line drawing tool to the right, twice. The text display in Fig. But we wanted I2 here, so use the cursor to move one character to the right, to the “1”. Use the Program menu selection from the Main Menu to enter your password. The contacts can be used like any other contact, however if the input voltage fluctuates slightly, it may be good to use latch relays so as to prevent chattering.


EASY Intelligent Relays

Begin with the blank screen and your blinking cursor is in the upper left manuao. The Loads may be relay coils, small motors, lights, etc. Figure 31 shows a typical parameter screen, in this case a timer. Figure 24 Figure 25 P-Buttons: Figure 24 Figure Figure 15 Output Relays: The loads must all be 24 Msnual DC operated, and you must observe polarity.

This means that the parameter screen for this particular timer is available even when a password is active, and one may change the time values but not the function or type. This screen begins as a blank, and you type in your desired program. If you see a “STOP” button, the unit is in run mode, and pressing it will stop processing. The Card Menu shown in Figure 41 has 3 options: A pulse will latch the relay in, then a later pulse will reset it back out.

See the section on “marker relays” for the correct method.