Charles Staley EDT: Time Management Meets Weight Training – Fitness, time management, With EDT you will aim to beat your last PR at every workout. Back in the mid’s trainer Charles Staley developed a very simple yet brutal method of training: EDT or Escalating Density Training. Well, we are talking about the famous E.D.T. (Escalating Density Training) invented by the American strength coach Charles Staley. Let’s go!.

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Ideally, the weight used for each exercise should be equally difficult. Keep your workload the same while decreasing your work time Let’s say that cranking out push-ups stalfy 10 minutes was challenging.

Use anything on the site at your own risk. Here’s what you need to know Weighted Dips — Exercise 3: Instead of fighting through pain as fatigue accumulates over the course of a workout, you instead modify your sets by shortening them, with the goal of maximizing total reps rather than worrying about how many repetitions you perform in any one set. Forget about time under tension.

This quick drill does it all: Use the muscle round technique to light up your brachialis and add size to your arms. If you need a brush up on the hormones for fat loss or muscle building….

Escalating Density Training: Revisited | T Nation

While short, these workouts can be extremely taxing. Have you ever had the dream of spending less time in the gym while achieving better results? There are two ways to progress EDT — do more reps in the 15 minute PR Zone or lift more weight, or both also known as double progression.


As such you may want stakey use this method with heavier weights and lower rep ranges. Using this as a base, you can structure your workouts by using the following options:. Moreover, I eradicated the PR Zone so that trainees do not feel like they are fighting the clock.

Now of course that is just one format…. A plant chemical proves to be as effective in shrinking the prostate as prescription drugs, but far safer.

The only thing that’s new is the way I’m “framing” or presenting the information. These healthed-up cookies will satisfy your cravings without expanding your waistline. Here’s how to trim it down to get better, faster gains in as little as 30 minutes.

If, xtaley your first set, you’re barely able to grind out that last rep, re-evaluate your starting weight. The funny part is…that it can also get you great results for building muscle and burning fat!

Strive Bench Presses or any machine bench press variant A EDT puts a new twist on an old concept — and might just put some fun back into stzley training.

EDT – Escalating Density Training

Staying lean is difficult. To take things to the next level, decrease your work time by 60 seconds. Muscle is in fact a biological system, and it grows or ext in direct proportion to the amount of work it is forced to do.

Start a stopwatch or timer for 15 minutes. The dead fish factor. Training Less Time, Better Results: So now I present the easiest workout idea that I have enjoyed using over the years of trying almost every method out there.

Interestingly, many supersetting strategies developed before EDT paired stale exercises together in an attempt to increase fatigue as much as possible. It’s designed for lean-mass development only.


Less Time, Better Results: Escalating Density Training

Here are the symptoms of low testosterone and everything you need to know to fix it. In a sense, the EDT system is just a foolproof way to ensure that you perform more and more work in each workout that you do. Bodybuilding ztaley full of staleey used by “enhanced” lifters, but most people don’t take drugs and can’t get good results.

If your main goal is to build muscle, stop training with your ego. With that in mind, I created a set of “devices” designed to reduce friction and maximize work output over a minute time frame.

This is one of the biggest wdt I hear from my clients. There are far more efficient ways to make yourself sore, such as taking a job as Lennox Lewis’ sparring partner, or applying for a job as a test dummy!

The goal is to perform as many reps as possible in a given timeframe, using antagonistic exercises, which work opposing muscle groups. Choose two antagonistic exercises — such as a pull and a press movement. There are several ways to organize your training week, but one split is superior for the vast majority of lifters. And that’s essentially it.

To get the most out of each exercise grouping—and still remain a functioning member of society the next day— pair antagonist muscle groups, not synergists. How bodybuilders can fight post-show depression, how to eat carbs and stay lean, and what to do if squats make you hurt.