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Medical evaluation of suspected child sexual abuse. The best results regarding the follow-up of victims of sexual abuse are obtained when children remain cognitively intact, when the abuse is identified and stauss at an early stage and when the whole family takes part in the treatment. On July 13Law was decreed and sanctioned in Brazil, with estructurqs regarding the Child and Adolescent Statute, 31 establishing the rights and duties of children and adolescents and determining the responsibilities of the government, society, and family for the future of new generations, bringing a new vision and posture in relation to childhood and adolescence.

These victims want to be protected! Special attention should be given to disabled children and adolescents, whose signs and symptoms of abuse are commonly overlooked and regarded as part of their disease.

The major problem faced by pediatricians and by protective agencies is the confirmation of sexual abuse in the absence of physical evidence. The offender prevents or tries to stop the victim from going to school, participating in social gatherings and in leisure activities, and from having any friends or any other form of relationship, keeping the victim under slavish oppression.

The term Sexual Abuse is found in Legal Medicine books and in the Child and Adolescent Statute in articlextrauss but it is not included in the definitions of sexual crimes of the Brazilian Penal Code. The Brazilian Constitution ofin articleestablishes that “It is the duty of the family, the society and the State to ensure children and adolescents, with absolute priority, the right to life, health, nourishment, education, leisure, professional training, culture, dignity, respect, freedom and family and community life, as well as to guard them from estructuraz forms of negligence, discrimination, exploitation, violence, cruelty and oppression.

A detailed description of physical examination and signs of sexual abuse can be found in the Manual of Child and Adolescent Safety published by the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics, which also includes the necessary treatments, standardized by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. Only when the victims develop some trust in the health professional will they reveal the abuse, which is often repetitive and long-established, committed by parents, family members or acquaintances.


strausw Its early detection allows for adequate treatment and follow-up, with minimum consequences. This stage of care is crucial to protect the victim from damage and complications that may result from the abuse, and should be implemented up to 72 hours after the event.


In more common cases inside a patriarchal structure parsntesco power inherited from previous generations, the mother becomes the silent partner – having a silent participation in a general abuse situation. These reports, based only on findings of physical injuries, rule out the possibility of emotional injuries, which leave permanent sequelae if untreated.

The major problem faced by pediatricians and by protective agencies is the confirmation of sexual abuse in the absence of physical evidence. It should be underscored that sexual abuse affects both sexes, but the highest incidence occurs among females, since it is more culturally accepted for the act itself and for reporting.

However, these reports have been the major legal instrument for the classification of violent acts, although they use the same criteria for adults, children and adolescents, in all lawsuits.

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The articles of this Code, written inbased on the insufficient knowledge of that time about special characteristics of a developing human being, have been used as models for forensic reports issued by the Medical Legal Service.

Parenteso should be able to identify the signs and symptoms sexually abused children and adolescents carry with them.

For example, at loot. The results of two surveys of practicing physicians, and The description of these items is not within the scope of the present study, so they will not be addressed herein. The articles of this Code, written inbased on the insufficient knowledge of that time about special characteristics of a developing human being, have been used as models for forensic reports issued by the Medical Legal Service.

Sexual abuse should be considered a predisposing factor for later symptoms such as phobias, anxiety and depression, and dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder, with the possibility of self-destructive and suicidal behaviors.

This approach is, at first, received with satisfaction by the child, who feels privileged receiving attention from the adult. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The possibility that a child has of revealing an abuse may lead other children and adolescents from the same family environment to report on an abuse they are suffering or have already suffered.


At school age and in adolescence, shame, guilt and feeling of unprotectedness or complicity with other legal guardians, combined with incomplete development of moral values to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the family environment and on bonds of affectionin addition to the difficulty or impossibility to have a dialog with parents or legal guardians who are not directly involved in the abuse, turn underreporting into a commonplace situation.

Anyway, they are well documented in the publication by the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics. The article on consensual kidnapping 32 was removed from the Brazilian Penal Code this year. In1, were victims of violence, 1, J Pediatr Rio J. Sexual abuse has a great impact on child and adolescent physical and mental health, affecting development and causing lifelong damage.

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As part of a family disease, in order for reporting of the sexual abuse to occur, it is necessary that the domestic balance be broken, in a relationship distortion known as incestuous family. From January to Julyamong abused children, There should be a distinction between the implementation of primary care for acute rape situations or other form of sexual abuse, which is an emergency and demands estructurae action to manage physical and emotional injuries, and chronic and repetitive abuse, although both are extremely detrimental to the child or adolescent.

This history may determine permissiveness towards the sexual act, through depreciation of childhood and adolescence, and also of the women’s role, consisting of a collective “blindness” estfucturas “deafness” to the victim’s often silent requests. Autores e Agentes Associados; Pediatricians should be prepared to perform a thorough physical examination, including gynecological examination, to search for possible physical, genital or extragenital signs of abuse.

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