FM3A Film SLR User Manual. What is this? This is the “FM3A Film SLR User Manual” in Adobe PDF format. Nikon user manuals available from. View and Download Nikon FM3A instruction manual online. FM3A Digital Camera pdf manual download. Nikon FM3A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Nikon FM3A Instruction Manual.

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Flash Photography Flash Photography Flash photography is not only useful when shooting in a dark place. The FM3a’s electronic operation is silent during long exposures, except for the noise of the shutter opening and closing. Don’t show me this message again. There is no disrespect for all the nice folks at Nikon who have prepared the publication of the official manual, on the contrary, I was quite amazed after checking it thoroughly In comparison with many other user’s manuals for older Nikon manual focus SLRs, the manual for the new Nikon camera is a vast improvement in both of its content writing and illustration.

The FM3A used such a system. Shutter Speed and Aperture Setting The shutter-speed setting specifies the length of time the film will be exposed by opening and closing of the shutter curtains, while the aperture setting determines the amount of light that passes through the lens.

Nikon FM3a – The Last Mohican

Focusing Focusing ring Microprism collar 4 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 10 00 50 0 25 0 Split-image rangefinder Matte field Look through the viewfinder and put the subject in focus by rotating the focusing ring of the lens. The camera was available in two finishes: Others might disagree,in that a basic four element Tessar type lens was not up to Nikon normal standards!

Page 21 Align the shutter-speed indicator and the exposure-meter indicator. Select the one that matches your particular requirements. Page 19 Lightly press the shutter-release button. Nikon Auto Focus Nikkor lenses: Recommended links to understand more technical details related to the Nikkor F-mount and production Serial Number: Manual Exposure Mode Shooting: Notice Take a ffm3a test shots before shooting important events like weddings or graduations.


Insert and twist the lens counter- clockwise as shown by the arrow. It has a microprism microprism system collar around the central split-image rangefinder spot. Between an onslaught of digital and autofocus cameras, surprisingly, the market for a totally manual camera held strong. There is an Manuak lock button on the back of the camera and a Flash Compensation button on the left of the lens mount.

Nikon FM3A | Camerapedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Focusing Focusing Focusing ring Microprism collar 4 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 10 00 50 0 25 0 Split-image manuao Matte field Look through the viewfinder and put the subject in focus by rotating the focusing ring of the lens. The staff of engineers who designed this wondrous machine proudly keep and cherish that email. The maximum count-down time of the self-timer is approx. When mounted, a compatible flash will tm3a a ready light in the viewfinder.

Nikon was rumored to be considering a digital successor to this “modern classic”, though this has not yet early happened. Page 33 TTL flash With the TTL flash system, the camera measures the flash of a speedlight reflected from the subject to obtain the proper level of flash illumination. However, we hope you will also learn more ad- vanced photographic techniques to take full advan- tage of the wonderful capabilities manuxl your Nikon camera.

Align the shutter-speed indicator and the exposure-meter indicator. Keep your left elbow propped against your body to keep the camera steady. Although for the first time in history, they were lagging behind Canon cameras,…at ffm3a in the megapixel race.

Note that the following lenses and accessories cannot be attached to this camera. Return the film-advance lever to its folded position.

When you manul the film-rewind knob, the cam- era back will open.


In this ingenious finder, it is easy to see the number of stops by which the camera gm3a over or under the correct exposure. Why did Nikon do that at the start of the digital era? Additional Information Keeping this information in mind may help you avoid problems. One of the most difficult parts to produce was an accurate meter. Page 14 Loading Film Continued Advance the film on the film- takeup spool. The camera uses a standard cable release, it is also one of the few manual-focus Nikon SLRs to have automatic DX as well as manual film speed indexing.

The FM3a was built to a level of workmanship and material quality beyond that mqnual most competitive cameras manuap during its short production run. After measuring the light on a specific portion of the subject face, etc.

Installing Batteries Installing Batteries Tips Three types of batteries can be used with this camera.

Don’t have an account? Lens Compatibility Lens Compatibility Any of the following lenses can be used with this camera. The meter of the camera is switched on when the film advance lever is moved away from the body and the shutter lightly depressed.

After the emergence of digital cameras, Nikon then discontinued the FM3a, leading to a similar effect. The Nikon FM3 A [1] is manuap advanced semi-professional-level, interchangeable-lens, focal-plane shutter35mm film, single-lens reflex camera. Frames of odd numbers are indicated by dots between the even numbers. The full performance of this camera can only be obtained with Nikon brand accessories.

Like the FM2n and its predecessors the FM3a allows manual operation with a ffm3a mechanical shutter.