Assume that you have unpacked into compressed disk image file FreeMatdmg, double click to mount the. Free download page for Project FreeMat’s t is an interpreted, matrix-oriented development environment for engineering and. FreeMat icon FreeMat is a free environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing.

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Comment on this change optional. I found this bug now, because I had a local install till today. Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on Log in or register to post comments. Thanks to Patrick Patience for hosting Thanks to OliverK for his guerilla freema guide Thanks to all devs for pieces of code Thanks in advance to all testers.

Downloading File /freemat// – FreeMat – OSDN

Thats as I had a version of it running before Freemat I think. Can I suggest maybe posting about it on forums popular with uni students or that who are likely to be studying subjects that make this app handy for them.


As for your points about the plots: Now that I work at UniSA should be easier to introduce your software to students within the relevant disciplines.

The Photoshop entry is not do with Freemat.

Soon I will upload it on Debian. Just copy and paste it to the commandline. P Get it while it’s hot!

Index of /~fessler/irt/irt/freemat/pre-3.6

New thread could be found here. Move line in FreematPortable. If the version of the program on this website is newer than the one I have I’ll give it a try. No big 36., but it’s really a beta tests failso I won’t release a portable version. I’m waiting for the final 4. Looks clean to me: If you’re using the PortableApps.

Website hasn’t been updated yet, but FreeMat 4 has been announced here. GPL 2, or later Language: The icon looks good though. Beta of FreeMat 4. November 3, – Well, some of freemmat regkeys changed and the directory structure is a little different.

I think thats what this app doe Please correct if wrong. February 24, – 6: Development Test 5 Maybe you can answer even though a few of my questions in the main post.


[Outdated] FreeMat Portable 3.6 Development Test 5

Previously I found the scientists at the museum where I was working to be reluctant to try the new software. New file is up! Once this app is further along I’ll introduce it to them which should give you a pretty good testing base.

October 16, – 7: When I change the font in the setting, the freemat just freezes when exiting the editor the editor window stays opened, but does not react, and so does also the main freemat window.

This things could only be checked by the PortableApps. I’ll try to find more testers though. But not many users read posts inside an outdated beta testing thread 4.