The long out-of-print Farthest North, one of the first titles in the library’s Exploration series, recounts Dr. Fridtjof Nansen’s epic pursuit of the North Pole. Fridtjof Nansen was a Norwegian explorer, scientist, diplomat, humanitarian and Nobel Peace .. Shortly after his return he learned that his Farthest North record had been passed, by members of the Duke of the Abruzzi’s Italian expedition. Paperback. New. Only available edition of this exploration classic. In Fridtjof Nansen set sail for the North Pole in the Fram, a ship specially designed to be.

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The Treaty was signed on 2 Novemberand Nansen considered his task complete. Jeff Weber Rare Books Published: Why distress yourself as to whether you are drifting forward or backwards? On the outbreak of war inNorway declared its neutrality, alongside Sweden and Denmark. Original publisher’s decorated olive green cloth, gilt, top edges gilt.

Preceded by the Danish edition in Weather and sea conditions prevented them from reaching the shore. So, I decided to read it again to refresh my mind.

Farthest North, Vol. I by Fridtjof Nansen – Free Ebook

One of the four maps is m. Nansen’s League of Nations commitments through the s meant that he was feidtjof absent from Norway, and was able to devote little time to scientific work. Evening Star Books Published: King Oscar refused his assent; on 27 May the Norwegian cabinet resigned, but the king would not recognise this step. His writing is poetic, insightful, and revealing– he gives us access to all of his hopes and fears, his longing for home, his need to explore and understand.


Fridtjof Nansen

Nansen wrote Armenia and the Near East wherein he describes the plight of the Armenians in the wake of losing its independence to the Soviet Union. I only, title detached in Vol. Nov 19, Drewms64 rated it it was ok.

A very fine cover-stamp The “Fram” gilded in he fine original Red Cloth. Frjdtjof of years roll on, and the ice reaches the bottom. He must have been one of the most multi-talented people in history.

Fridtojf could not reach farther than 86 degrees N because of the rough ice. Nansen soon learned no ship was likely to call nasnen Godthaab until the following spring. It was the first trace of a living creature other than their dogs since they left Fram.

Glacier Books are experienced and professional booksellers. The results were eventually published in six volumes, and according to a later polar scientist, Robert Rudmose-Brown”were to Arctic oceanography what the Challenger expedition results had been to the oceanography of other oceans.

Farthest North – 1st Edition/1st Printing by Nansen, Fridtjof

On 3 October, they reached Godthaabwhere the Danish town representative greeted them. The book was an instant success, and secured Nansen’s long-term financial future.

He marched to the north until he reached 86 degrees N without seeing any land. One person sets forth to sail in open water, perhaps to the very Pole, but gets stuck int he ice and laments, another is prepared to get stuck in the ice, but will not grumble even should he find open water. No one believed that such ship can be built but he found an engineer Colin Archer who managed to build it.

Nansen in three years penetrated miles beyond the farthest point then reached. That is absolutely nothing to compared with Nansen spending three years there! Covers near-fine, sharp and bright, lightly rubbed to extremities.


Farthest North, Vol. I by Fridtjof Nansen

fridtjkf His plan was to sail as far north as possible, allow his ship to freeze into the ice in the fall and then allow the ice to take him to the north pole. Nansen’s first task on his return was to write his account of the voyage. He wanted expert skiers, and attempted to recruit from the skiers of Telemark, but his approaches were rebuffed. The crew spent the rest of the winter of preparing clothing and equipment for the forthcoming sledge journey.

Although this book may seem as an adventure story, it is in principle a book about patience and endurance. He sees what others have done wrong, and learns from it.

Inthe winter ended and he had to continue moving until he reached an Island. Once he felt the ship had reached its northern most drift he would set off towards the pole on skis with dog sleds another innovation that no other expedition had used before. Nansen decided they needed to begin the crossing. Johansen Classic Reprint Fridtjof Nansen Bound in the publisher’s original turquoise cloth with the great sailing ship Fram rendered in gilt on the front cover of volume I and a scene depicting an explorer and dog sled team in a snow storm rendered in gilt on the cover of volume II.