Absurdistan: A Novel [Gary Shteyngart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “ Absurdistan is not just a hilarious novel, but a record of a. ABSURDISTAN. From the critically acclaimed, bestselling author of The Russian Debutante’s Handbook comes the uproarious and poignant story of one very fat. ABSURDISTAN. By Gary Shteyngart. pp. Random House. $ Why praise it first? Just quote from it — at random. Just unbutton its shirt.

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It’s also a love story. This vacuous ogre of a protagonist, Misha Vainberg, dawdles away life by lavishing over-sized indulgences upon himself, pissing away his deposed father’s fortune. Dopey liberals like myself and sinister corporate Conservative conglomerate Almost non-stop brilliant. But Vainberg wastes no love on either, for he is trapped in the former USSR while his countrymen remain in the west, leading normal lives.

And then there is sex that is the sort only offered or taken part in because of desperation and despair. Aug 01, Jeffrey rated it it was amazing. Misha Vainberg is fat. During the thirties and forties, Stalin had killed half my family.

Absurd person singular

All of which could have been unbearable had Shteyngart not given him a absurxistan so rich and exuberantly funny. They wind up there right at the beginning of a shady civil war. Before he can leave to live in the EU, where he can at least be freed from his hated life in St Petersburg, the country breaks out in civil war.

Maybe I missed the point, some political and cultural satire, but I cannot believe its cover blurbs that cite so many newspapers naming it among their top ten books of the year. As much as I like eating and fucking as the rest of the world, I really would rather not watch while it is done by the obese. Also, this guy shtryngart way too fucking postmodern with his pop ehteyngart references, especially the hip hop ones. Aug 05, Dorothy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: But his efforts come to naught.

Isn’t the INS inconvenient? But even with my largesse, I could see nothing positive befalling them. But after a civil war breaks out between two competing ethnic groups and a local warlord installs hapless Misha as Minister of Multicultural Affairs, our hero soon finds himself covered in oil, fighting for his life, falling in love, and trying to figure out if a normal life is still possible in the twenty-first century.


Absuridstan Read Edit View history. There weren’t many” and at least enter the EU. Had I not been reading it for a book club, I probably would have bailed out halfway through.

Shteyngart has a real eye and ear for the ridiculous and he is a wonderful writer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Misha, who is gluttonously rich, flies to Absurdistan — its oil riches make it “the Norway of the Caspian” — to obtain a Belgian passport from a corrupt official. It takes until well into the final act to finally find its feet, but it moves deftly in the all-too-brief period where it’s the narrative’s focus. Haunted by his bygone days as an American college student, he frequently recalls attending “Accidental College” aka Oberlin where he studied Multiculturalism.

I’m no prude when it comes to literature, but I definitely didn’t need so much of the obese man’s sex life told to me so often and in such detail. The result is a sendup of American values abroad and a complex, sympathetic protagonist worthy of comparison to America’s enduring literary heroes. This disaster of a book is as senselessly profane as it is painful to read.

This was a really odd book. A great airplane read, and the short chapters also make it suitable for sgteyngart subway commute. Repetitious sex, gluttonous eating and lame political satire do not make a funny book. As a satire though, I thought it fell a bit short.

Much of his work is satirical and relies on the invention of elaborately fictitious yet somehow familiar places and times. Reilly from A Confederacy absuurdistan Dunces. His quest for a US visa brings him from Russia to Absurdistan, the made-up pearl of the Caspian Sea, where he ma There’s satire and then there’s books in which everybody is horrible.

However, if you’re trying to impress me with that junk, it’s a wasted gesture, since the people that get it are the same people who have already read Dost Really, it boils abxurdistan to the fact that this was just a boring wank-a-thon. Misha is paying the price of exile from his adopted American homeland.



Absurdistan (novel) – Wikipedia

The book starts as a pseudo-surrealist consumer comedy channeling Evelyn Waugh, who Shteyngart name drops, but more closely related to another New York Writer: Where can “a sophisticate and melancholic” like Misha turn when all seems lost?

It chronicles the adventures of Misha Vainberg, the pound son of the 1,th-richest man in Russia, as he struggles to return to his true love in the South Bronx. It is after his escape from the Absurdsvani capital that Vainberg finds salvation. The most annoying part was that Shtey Good political and social satire makes you look at the world a little differently, with some laughs along the way. What may turn off some is the ravishingly vile descriptions of his eating, his penis, his sex life, etc.

Although I r If you were ever wondering what the difference was between a novel that is well written and a novel that is fun to read, you could begin your study with Gary Shteyngart’s Absurdistan. How much more difficult for an immigrant who has English as a second language.


Come on, that’s a great title. Be that as it may, “Absurdistan” is masterful in its use of language English with dollops of Russian and brilliant in its satire of the modern world and the absurdities of 21st century American, European, and Russian cultures.

This is the story. He is also rich, the son of the th richest man absuurdistan Russia. I can see how people would be impressed with this book though, since Shteyngart can emulate all of the writing styles of every single polular Russian writer of the past two centuries.

Such topics would be more effectively addressed in an essay format rather than obscured by cover-to-cover smut. I figured it would be good and everything, but when the blurbs on the back seem to hyperventilate I get antsy. Foibles of Russian character are exposed, then compared to Western manners, leading to