Motion has been used for many years to help generate electricity (think windmills, dams, etc.) around the globe but soon, the technology could. The company is developing and commercializing breakthrough suspension energy recovery technology, GenShock®, and has demonstrated. The GenShock-technology regenerative suspension will collect kinetic energy from uneven roadways to help power your car.

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Then, the system guides the oil in the damper in such a way that it drives the electric pump motor. You must have JavaScript enabled to experience the new Autoblog.

We notice you’re using an ad blocker. Technolofy read carefully, as regenerative suspension has the potential to be the next big suspension breakthrough. Moreover, the technology is capable of actively raising each individual wheel.

Videos — Levant Power Corp. All other rights, including commercial rights, are reserved to the author. The exact text will differ depending on the actual application you have running.

Genshock Technology

The very compact unit is composed of its own control unit, an electric motor, and an electrohydraulic gear pump. Show full PR text. Continuous Damping Control CDC has been winning over vehicle manufacturers since its market launch in – and is still doing so with its fourth generation. ZF and Levant Power are now developing GenShock-technology to unite the technoloy gains of active suspension with modest power consumption, minimal complexity and affordable cost. The technology is contained in a device mounted to the outside of each shock.


From around the web. That forward movement is lost completely and dissipated as heat upon braking.

GenShock electricity-generating active suspension is coming to passenger cars, eventually

Previous attempts to achieve high-bandwidth active suspension have fallen short due to cost, complexity and power consumption. It has its own electric motor, a control unit and an electrohydraulic gear pump.

Watch these two short videos to learn more about Genshock vehicle dynamics. The joint venture with ZF is significant, for it brings together technologies that when combined, provide the critical mass to change the automobile landscape.

GenShock suspension system could generate electricity as you drive – TechSpot

Already have an account? ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology with production companies in 26 countries. Automakers have long sought a suspension that provides an optimum balance of comfort and handling. Volkswagen powering up for EV onslaught with preview of kWh mobile quick chargers.

ZF announces new GenShock energy-recovery suspension – Autoblog

Electricity for the vehicle power supply As soon as the driving situation permits, the innovative valve system automatically uses the swaying motion of the damper piston to recover energy.

In a rectified fluid circuit, the fluid will flow in one direction, ensuring that the electric generator is constantly being powered. The difficulty in achieving both is that comfort requires a soft suspension to absorb bumps, while handling requires stiffness for control. Click on the image above to enlargeand read about the details of the new suspension system in the press release below.


Naturally, fluid current alternates as the vehicle moves up and down. Another is the pursuit of improving energy efficiency in vehicle dynamics technologies. The device houses its own control unit, an electric motor and an electrohydraulic gear pump, and controls the flow of fluid in the shocks to adjust the damping rate, like a normal active damper. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. Gensohck component firm ZF has agreed to help develop a GenShock-based active suspension that will both convert road bumps to electricity and smooth out its host genshoxk ride.

The valve technology has been developed specifically for this application.

Please follow the instructions below to enable JavaScript in your browser. Levant Power offers a means for salvaging the wasted energy associated with hydraulic shock absorbers. The system will theoretically offer the comfort of a luxury sedanthe power efficiency of a hybrid and the nimble handling of a sports car. Tech-friendly bus startup FlixBus offers riders VR headsets. Please enter a display name.

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