Proclaimed “girl-pervert” Oriana Small, AKA Ashley Blue, a veritable artist at heart , weaves through the intricacies of a decade in and out of the adult film industry. Excerpt from Girlvert .. Deeply Honored if when you get you would comment on my Face book art Photos and just let me know what you think i. What began as a lark%E2%80%93some modeling for easy money%E2%80% 93turned into a decade-long career in adult films. Lest readers.

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I swear on my children! But Ashley Gkrlvert Girlvert is a fascinating account of the industry from the perspective of a smart, immensely likable woman who frequently makes us realize that it’s not quite as black-and-white as the interracial double penetration scene would lead us to believe Yes, this attitude is hypocritical, but I think it’s still the norm.

He said he wanted to continue the interview some other time, for another scene. After about thirty seconds, Tyler stopped pissing.

Unless you liked it, which, in that case, is so fucked up. I picked it up because it is the first book from a new publishing company I’m interested in, run by a guy I’ve got gorlvert lot of respect for who used to book the author events at one of my favorite bookstores. They circled around my face.


And we understand why these two need each other. Limp Dick Pisser with a clear conscience. And, is this your boyfriend? You can find photos and her filmography here. Its research for a new career should this teaching thing not work out. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Let me leave you with one of my favorite quotes: She didn’t realize how deprived she’d been of big black cock all these many years.

And frankly, what separates enjoying your own pain and degradation from the psychological pleasure of self-harm? I hook say that you have balls to write down your story without any fear of the consequences and reactions from people. I wouldn’t go so far as to say pornography in its more vanilla varieties is mainstream, but it’s the dirty secret we all share, with a conspiratorial wink.

I really hope it isn’t a gorlvert and that she moves on to subjects beyond memoir. However, it was really difficult to read because the author goes in to extreme detail about many, many degrading sexual acts.

Girlvert : A Porno Memoir

January 27, at I read this yesterday in a single sitting. Pro Trusion even put me on the front cover. But he was funny. She’s never gotten any type of counseling that I know of for her eating disorder, drugs or her girllvert childhood, nor did she ever mention the word counseling.

Last Night at the Viper Room. Small is candid, funny, and ultimately comfortable in her own skin. Thank you for that. It’s Girlverg Rock ‘n’ Roll. Its a beauty of a production, and Oriana Small fits in pefectly with the elegence of the design. He turned out to be a serious drug addict. I feel b Man, was this dark and depressing.


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He was rubbing his cock through his pants. This behavior has no value and no place in society. I was easily convinced. That was where I drew the line.

Excerpt from Girlvert |

Her honest, intelligent, humorous, and unapologetic account of her early adulthood was strangely fascinating. I wanted to show everyone how into this I was. And it raised the question, is it still rape if she gets a handful of money thrown down next to her afterwards? I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. A lot of it is just to produce a product to sell, but there is also an art to it as well. During the blowjob and ass-eating, Pro berated me.

Its pretty obvious from this story that she has self respect, at least enough self respect to do what she enjoys without worrying about stupid judgemental people like you. I would read this again in a hot, steamy second. I don’t think I do.