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It is much the same as with the love and compassion that dawns with enlightenment or divine illumination — in love and gnosiz we cannot possibly desire to leave any spirit or soul in bondage, in sorrow and suffering, and in a similar way we cannot possibly desire the generation of further negativity.

And that means to develop our Tzelems at least to the level of Ruach the second birthbut preferentially to the level of Neshamah the third birth. The analogy can be taken even further into all purposeful human activity.

Pages with related products. Michael Sonlight rated it it was amazing Aug 18, Therefore, speaking of Yetzirah as a world of spirits alludes to the play of spiritual forces within and behind everything that transpires in the material world.

Finishig i’d just like to say that what gives meaning to our lives ,as once a great Prof. Naturally, in this process there are countless gradation, and so we speak of each aspect of the soul having all of the other aspects within it — twenty five aspects of the soul, and each of those aspects contain all of the others, and so the holy soul extends infinitely into the Holy One of Being, and rays out infinitely from the Holy One of Being, and this journey of realizing our immeasurable malacbi potential is endless — there is no goal but an ongoing self-realization, an ongoing revelation of the Divine, the Holy One of Being.

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In terms of actual enlightenment and liberation, or full self-realization in Christ, this is Binah, the End-Of-Days, at the level of Atzilut — also called Eternal Life, for there is no end of life in Ain Sof, the Infinite, the Great and Bornless Spirit.

He received the oral tradition of Sophian Gnosticism from Tau Elijah, and has been a student and practitioner of Gnostic Christianity for over thirty-five years. Indeed, let us read the Book of Apocalypse once again and see what is written! I’m curious if this is also the meaning in Hebrew?

Another characteristic of Atzilut is that knowledge, the knower, and the known exist in complete unity, so that there is no subject-object relationship and, og truth, no duality whatsoever. It could be that his experience of Mochin Gadlut reached to the level of cosmic consciousness and the overmind, remaining in mental consciousness — this phenomenon is common at that level.


A rich book, filled with wisdom and densely packed with information, it is not an easy read, but an informative one. In a manner of speaking, teachings on the Kabbalah that attract tge join knowledge of the Contemplative, Meditative and Magical Kabbalah, with a deep level of the experiential, or the actual riding of the merkavah.

This is an enlightening and inspirational book, and I would highly recommend it.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah by Tau Malachi

Now, the Shabbat under the law is not the Holy Shabbat, but it is the shadow of the Shabbat, for until Adonai Ha-Shabbat, the Lord of the Shabbat, appears the intention of Elyon, tje Most High, was not fulfilled in Shabbat — the embodiment and transmission of the Supernal Influx, the simple Primordial and Supernal Light, and therefore there was no true rest or repose, but only an outward semblance of rest or hy.

This speaks to the actualization of our potential, and to the unique individuality of that self-realization in Christ, in the Light Continuum, Yahweh. In Genesis, ten utterances are listed through which God creates. The same must be true for souls in general as well, and this is reflected in where we find attraction and resonance, and where we do not — there are many good and luminous teachings to which I find no attraction or resonances whatsoever, and yet recognize the light and wisdom within and behind them.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. In the awakening, however, there is recognition of the true essence and nature of all, the Ain Nature, and so from that Body of Truth Amet the bodies arising are no longer karmic or demiurgic, but they are Bodies of Glory and Pure Emanation, as we see with Christ and Buddha, and with other holy ones who have walked among us as emanations of the awakened Primordial Human Being, Divine or Enlightened Being.

I’m not going to rate this, but I’m not finishing it because in several important ways it is in conflict with hermetic Kabbalah, which I’ve been studying. When one holy emanation of Adam Kadmon awakens, all holy emanations of Adam Kadmon, all holy neshamot that have awakened, are awake now or shall be o throughout the three times awaken in that very instant of time, the full Light-presence and Light-power of them all emanating in that point in space-time.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The divine name of Yeshua or Yeheshuah Yod-He-Shin-Vau-Hewhich is the name of Yahweh with the addition of the letter Shin wrepresents the embodiment of the divine presence and power of Yahweh and thus something of the spiritual energy of Adam Kadmon.


Cleaving to the Risen Christ, loving amlachi Christ loves, may we be uplifted in the End-Of-Days, and so also uplift others with us. We see this with many great spiritual leaders who, in one way or another, went astray and lead many followers with them down the wrong path, and who yet, very clearly, early on, embodied a higher consciousness and illumination, and who obviously meant well.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. For this reason, whether the tree is viewed in terms of the triads or the three pillars, the Sefirah Tiferet beautywhich is the Christ center chrizt the tree, is in the middle.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : Binah –

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Tau Malachi himself points out that there are different paths and schools of Kabbalah, and I’m not criticizing him for being other than my own school, just deciding that the topic tua complex enough without mixing teachings that are not compatible.

In our way we gnosks much like Christian Hasidim, so our lineage-holders and initiates have taken much inspiration from the teachings of Jewish Hasidim — in our eyes, original Christianity was much the same, playing upon the principle of the Holy Tzaddik and a charismatic mysticism. The universe of Adam Kadmon and the Sefirot it contains, therefore, represent the Soul of the Messiah. If the person don’t reach at least the level of Ruach from Da’at to Yesodwith the Tiferet at thee center during a certain cosmic timeis ” dust to dustashes to ashes “.

If we look into the correspondences of Shabbatai tay Saturn, we find that it corresponds with time, and the passage of time, the culmination of which is death; hence, the awareness of birth, aging, illness and gnoais — the vision of sorrow. If we are willing to gaze even deeper into the vision of sorrow, we may go and read the words of the preacher cosic Ecclesiastes and contemplating them, we may meditate upon them — as the preachers says, before death or the day of reckoning comes, we are wise to seek wisdom, to seek the knowledge and understanding of Ha-Shem.

They say that Hesed is the limit we can reach, maybe Da’at actuallywhile incarnated in this physical bodies. My mother said that once too Aurora rated it it was amazing May 07, Therefore, within and beyond what one sees is the sun itself.