User Review – Flag as inappropriate. Nietzsche has been seriously damaged, indeed, is literally dead and burried, without any hope of a. Image courtesy of Gorfu Contra Nietzsche by G. E. Gorfu. (3 ratings). Paperback Book, pages. Description: No description is available. Ethiopians on the Web recently conducted an interview with Ato Gebre Eyesus Gorfu, (G. E. Gorfu) author of “Gorfu Contra Nietzsche” the book that has been.

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The few words that come from the lips of wise people, the few drops of ink that flow from the pen of a single wise man, may give the world far greater good than all the rivers of blood that have flown from the swords of many courageous kings, emperor, or generals Gorfu is not without a unique philosophical and moral background.

That said, I have nothing but respect for Gorfu’s good intentions, his compassion, and his sympathies nieyzsche the victims of oppression, all of which are in evidence on every page of this book. The book nietzshe have been shorter probably by 15 pages It is now pages if those repetitive ideas were condensed.

My only disagreement with the author as far as content is concerned, is his characterization of Moses while leading the Hebrews in the Sinai desert after they fled from Egypt.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Most of us know Nietzsche as the author of the philosophical allegory, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

This is an original work: On the other side of the coin we have the Kings and Queens of England addressing the House of Lords as: Nietzsche’s work needs to be re-examined, if for nothing else, just to set the record straight.

contea He used to be very guarded when he spoke about how his work was received. But now, this book has broken the spell for me. Masters cannot do as they please. The world’s stage has always been filled by botched human beings who had to prove that they were good enough.


The Bloodless Revolution, 3 Welch, Kathryn.

I was born in Adua, but by about four, my family moved to Addis Ababa and two years later returned back to Adua. They are fully preoccupied in labeling old concepts with new names. I only have a minor issue about the author’s rendering of the Exodus of the biblical Israelites, especially his view of Moses to have been a power hungry demagogue-in fact according to the bible- Moses was a very gorfy hero even if we call him that.

Do you have any plans for more works along the same line? If he sounds vulgar and offensive at times, it is because he is employing the same tactic which Nietzsche himself had applied to attack his contemporaries and philosophers of old.

Ethiopia: An Ethiopian Thinker Challenges A Giant of Western Philosophy

I have one hundred and fifty pages of solid arguments that need to be answered. Be the first to ask a question about Gorfu Contra Nietzsche. Jan 24, Daniel rated it really liked it Shelves: My Communist background gives me an excellent understanding of the monumental task Gorfu has accomplished in this book.

There is no doubt that his fertile Ethiopian background has contributed to the formation of his original insight absent in Western scholars, which has enabled him to see Nietzsche from a different vantage point.

It was during those years that I introduced my self to Nietzsche and other European, Chinese, as well as, a variety of Indian philosophies. Gorfu proves that the principal mentor of the two Nazis, is non other than Nietzche, a lunatic who masked his Satanic views in religious aphorisms and literary allegories. What happens to society when its “leader” is an individual in spite of the requisite social experience?


But I think in Gorfu, he has for the first time ever, found his match.

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I can’t believe Nietzsche deserves this type of attack. Reproduction in nietzdche or in part without permission is prohibited. Yared marked it as to-read May 04, This is what he has considered to be the most important contribution of my book, and has named it The Gorfu Phenomenon.

We also thank you for giving us some time for this interview. Gorgu Inspire Digital Educational Resources. There is not much I can say about them. What are your feelings on that?

Gorfu Contra Nietzsche – G. E. Gorfu – Google Books

And it was there that Nietzsche had come in very handy and was fully utilized by the aggressors. With Nietzsche, it is straight to the point. In fact, he was my Guru, if I can put it that way, and I considered my self as his clntra.

Otherwise, where are the ascetic values that he explicitly claims to be applying?

Related East Africa Ethiopia. Book Two and Book Three, were completed long ago. By presenting a thesis, anti thesis and synthesis, he successfully demolishes the very foundation upon which rests Nietzsche’s “philosophy”.

They write for each other in an arcane language, where Tweedledee quotes Tweedledum, dig up rotten old bones only to shroud it with new jargons and bury them back in new and white washed noetzsche. I began to see his words echoed in the words of the Nazis and Fascists of Europe. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

When and how on earth did the aristocracy be come the source and innovators of the arts, questions this Ethiopian thinker.