See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Graupner MC 24 collection. Join coupe-freak to create inspiring collections on eBay!. RC Jets – Transmitter Graupner MC24 – Hi Guys Does anyone use the Graupner MC24 for there jet transmitter. MY Futuba 9Z is out of channels. MC Kofferset 41 MHz Graupner günstig✓ & schnell✓ im geprüften OnlineShop bestellen! Riesen Auswahl mit über Artikeln.

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The net result is a simple, practical method of adjusting the carbur rettor, swashplate, tail rotor curve etc. Still I feel it is easier to program than most other brands, very similar to the JR 10x. It will hold 40 md24 or helicopters any mix. The “problem” is that in 12 channel mode it only uses the Multiplex centre of 1. What matters to your hands is not how wide the graupjer is, but how far in from the edge the sticks have been placed, because thats the distance that your thumb has to cover.

The MC 24 is the mostly used radio in jet competition in Europe, the same goes for most of the glider, power graupnre helicopter classes in FAI competition as well. But to be honest every time I ask them a question they don’t seem very knowlegable.


Kc24 the switches, whistles and bells are included int the MC This has something to do with the compression needed to squeeze 12 channels into the bandwidth available Harry knows more. Do you know if it has a Graupner version of the ‘s library of software switches? Send a private message to HarryC. I reccomend it all the way I’ve been using it now for 4 yrs and nothing but great experience with it.

MC-24 Kofferset 41 MHz Graupner 4842.41

Find More Posts by Per Strommen. Haldor, WimH, Thank you! Snelle lieferung und alles komt This should not be the case with such a well mf24 product. I fly thumbs on top.

Graupner MC 24 collection on eBay!

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. I was well treated by the UK dealer for a replacement. A Traupner in 12 channel mode compresses the data signal to speed up the refresh rate but the receiver decompresses it.

Internal differences MC22 vs MX22? I’ve had every TX that,s out there and this is the best one ever, extremely easy and user friendly. Impossible to tell from advertising blurb as it falls so far short of what these radios can do.

Programming manual,MC-24

Both are top radios though and will do just about anything except pay the rent or walk the dog. Mar 04, Last edited by Highflight; Mar 04, at Mar 17, Send a private message to Per Strommen.


The first MC24 one day came up a message to! However I advise very strongly against moving the servo arm around the splines to correct it.

I am so glad I already have my I never would have bothered because they are so close in what they do. You in the states will in a future have the “derivate”: Find More Posts by sky-pirate.

If I had a tray maybe I would not worry about dropping it. Find More Posts by sky warrior. And finally, do you know if it does time compression in 12 channel mode with decompression by the 12 channel Rx to speed up the refresh rate like Multiplex, I can’t find this ever being mentioned on the Graupner literature? Maybe the MC24 guys can refute this.

There’s an article on the latest Jetpower magazine about the MX I worked fine when you did sort it but the MC24 came along and moved the idea of easy programming forward. So far, this system has proven flawless.

EXPO characteristic curve for 3 servo functions, two-level system for any model in 6 flight phases, programmable and switchable. Find More Posts by Red Sky. Last edited by Bick; Mar 04, at