Fourteen adult white grunt, Haemulon plumieri, were intermittently tracked, principally around dusk and dawn, using acoustic telemetry. Nine fish were tracked. The White Grunt, Haemulon plumieri. Illustration by Diana Rome Peebles Courtesy of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Division of. including the tornIate, Hacinulon aurolineatwn, and the white grunt. H. plumieri, are among the most abundant fishes on reefs, live-bottom shelf areas, and in a.

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Juvenile white grunts reside inshore in seagrass beds, seeking the shelter among the spines of the long-spined sea urchin Diadema antillarum. This analysis included only adult females. The white grunt is often seen schooling with those species. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

Estimates of some properties based on models Preferred temperature Ref. Compared with this study, there seems to be a synchrony on the year cycle, although this cycle corresponds to the autumn rainy season in the southern hemisphere.

Females showed smaller amplitude, ranging from A historic Florida dish, “Grits and Grunts”, is traditionally prepared with H.

Haemulon plumierii, White grunt : fisheries, gamefish, aquarium

Juveniles common in Thalassia testudinum beds Ref. The identification of sex was made after microscopic examination of the gonads, based on the germ cells observed. Taxonomy The white grunt was first described in by Bernhard G. Male fork length ranged from The average monthly growth rate of adults is 1. The highest relative frequency of females in classes with smaller size and the opposite occurring in classes with a bigger size seems to be a pattern to the specie. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. Introduction The family Haemulidae is represented by 17 genera and about species worldwide Tavera et al. Studies of the sexual development and spawning of yellowfin tuna Neothunnus macropterus and skipjack Katsuwonus pelamis in the three areas of hawmulon Eastern Pacific Plumier, by examination of gonads.

Haemulon plumieri Lacepede, – white grunt at a small plymieri reef Classification: Dorsal and anal fins of the white grunt are completely covered with scales. They hae,ulon been seen in confrontations, open mouths pressed together, pushing against each other for dominance.

File:Haemulon plumieri (white grunt) (San Salvador Island, Bahamas) 7 (15996874379).jpg

Transferred from Flickr via Flickr2Commons. New Species of Haemulon Teleostei: Biodiversidade marinha da bacia potiguar: Haemulon plumierii Scientific classification Kingdom: These juveniles organize into schools according to size. The monthly mean GI of males exhibited much lower values than females Figure 2with very close peaks in April, July and August, and November.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Macintosh. A similar result was also found by Darcy on the bank of Campeche, where mature individuals were more plumiwri in April plumieru May.


Florida Museum of Natural History. The white grunt is also collected for public aquarium displays. Discussion The annual average sex ratio, equal to 1: Tagging fishes in Florida offshore waters. Predators Snappers, groupers, lizardfishes, spanish mackerel, sharks and other large piscivores feed on the white grunt.

File:Haemulon plumieri (white grunt) (San Salvador Island, Bahamas) 2 (15996879649).jpg

The scales above the lateral line are larger than those scales located below the lateral line. It feeds on shrimp, other crustaceans, annelids and mollusks, and is preyed on by larger piscivores such as barracuda and shark.

Views View Edit History. Maximum age for the white grunt is believed to be between 9 and haemulom years. Haemulidae across the coral reef seascape: Ximenes and Menezes when studying H.

The knowledge about the reproductive biology of exploited species is fundamental for the correct stock management and conservation. Reproductive activity of H.

Native range All suitable habitat Point map Year Distinctive Features The body is moderately elongate, with an elevated and compressed back. The biology, ecology and bionomics of Caribean reef fishes.