theories of shoot apical meristem – Duration: bosons botany 5, views · 8: Why we choke under pressure — and how to avoid it | Sian. The following points highlight the top three theories of shoot apical meristem. The theories are: 1. Apical Cell Theory 2. Histogen Theory 3. Tunica-Corpus. The following points highlight the top three theories of root apical meristem in plants. The theories are: 1. Apical Cell Theory 2. Histogen Theory 3. Korper- Kappe.

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This cell divides longitudinally and both the daughter cells inherit the property of cell division. In corpus the cells of peripheral zone and pith-rib meristem are also same as they owe their origin from central mother cell zone.

Histogen Theory | Definition of Histogen Theory by Merriam-Webster

The main function of tunica is to give rise epidermis. Explore the year a word first appeared. A single apical cell is present histogenn in vascular cryptogams, e. The side histogfn apical cell that is directed upward is triangular or square in shape and forms a part of the outer surface of the shoot apex Fig. It is the anticlinal plane of cell division that characterizes tunica. This theory is concerned with histogej of cell division in the apex. In conclusion it is to mention that tunica-corpus theory provides a flexible description of cell arrangement in the shoot apex and this is not rigid like histogen theory.

This theory of root meristem was proposed in by Schiiepp who regarded the occurrence of two systems of cell seriation that characterize the root apex with reference to planes of cell division in its parts. Later this theory was superseded by tunica- corpus theory because the zones are noncommittal. So to avoid discrepancies the term mantle was proposed in a loose sense instead of tunica.


Anticlinal division is the characteristic of tunica whereas corpus exhibits both anticlinal and periclinal division. One single layered tunica is termed as monostratose. Continuous Histogn result in the formation of double-rowed region over a single rowed region.

Need yheory more definitions? It is thought that if histpgen how or means the cells of peripheral meristem zone of corpus is transferred to the location of pith-rib meristem, the cells will produce pith cells. Plasmodesmata exist between the cells of tunica and corpus. This occurs in downwardly pointed roots. This is a question and answer forum for students, teachers and general visitors for exchanging articles, answers and notes.

The histogens are called dermatogen, periblem and plerome that respectfully form epidermis, cortex and vascular cylinder that are present in a mature root. Corpus was replaced by the term core.

hitsogen Email Required, but never shown. Tunica-corpus organization of shoot apical meristem is observed in angiosperm only. The initials arise independently and not related to tunica. This type of asymmetric division is repeated in the downwardly pointed faces of the apical cell.

Normally, periclinal division does not occur in tunica where anticlinal division predominates except at the point of origin of leaf primordium and axillary bud.

Histogen theory explains both root and shoot apical meristem.

Top 3 Theories of Root Apical Meristem in Plants | Botany

The other three sides donate cells to form epidermis, cortex and vascular cylinder. It has topographical value in the studies of development of different tissue hisstogen in plants. This is a question and answer forum for students, teachers and general visitors for exchanging articles, answers and notes.


In multistratose tunica each hostogen arises from separate initials present in the shoot apex. The cell is very large and is shaped like an inverted pyramid.

In Greek meaning that this fills. Later extensive investigations refuted the universal occurrence of solitary apical cell in a meristem. Post as a guest Name. In contrast to first zone periclinal division may occur in the second zone close to the leaf primordium in addition to anticlinal division. In higher plants the apical cell theory was replaced by the concept that the different parts of a plant body have independent origin. Hiatogen component cells of tunica and corpus differ in size, shape, plane of cell division and topography.

A single apical cell composing an apical meristem is present in vascular cryptogams. It has served well in understanding the structure of shoot apical meristem and the origin and development of leaf.

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This division reflects to the surface growth in the apex. In the division of derivative cells there is no definite orientation of cell wall formation, i. Subscribe to America’s largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free!