This product was manufactured by Keysight or one of its predecessors many years ago. We provide this page to assist you in using or replacing your product. The Boat Anchor Manual Archive Path: /hp/a/. This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. I am now accepting. Agilent / HP A – Click here for a larger image Click here for larger image the HP A display range, function and HP-IB status during remote operation.

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Ground to ground, data bus signals to data bus. Averaging reduces random noise fluctuations and improves sensitivity by a factor of the square root of the number of measurements. Model A Service inaccurate reference voltages. J Line A count loop is set up. Ground return was connected to chassis ground, so this does not introduce noise to analog circuitry.

Connect to A30 Assembly and set the Signature following: If you program more than one condition in Figure 9, h3456a will want to know which condition caused the RQS Line 2: I could not find this specific clock crystal, but doubled and quadruple quartz oscillators were available in local Quartz shop.

Page RMS Converter.

All calibration trim pots are available without meter disassembly, just by removing small front panel cover. RAM repairs Moment of truth… Powering on meter, same problem and chaotic operation. This signal is used by the Main Controller regulator UI. MX29F was fully erased in programmer, as well as disabled boot-block protection. Higher voltage, VDC was generated by few series-connected zener references, and alternating 1 VAC 1kHz was generated from functional generator.


The A should be adjusted at a 90 day interval, formance Test and Adjustment procedure.

Ohms function tion pot “L” for a 1. Up to channels can be scanned per second without computer interaction.

Final task of fixing meter — adjustment, or calibration, as it is usually referenced today. IC socket was soldered on PCB in a way, so pin 16 fits pin 12 of original ROMso we get data bus and some address signals match original layout.

Connect and set-up the Signature Analyzer as d. Page ground or the – 12 V Reference I f any of the signatures are wrong or jumpy, the Voltage. In original schematics, signal A10 is used to switch which RAM chip is being accessed, and for reliable operation delay line, consisting of logic in elements U12d, U12c, U9f, U9e was used. The following can A is polled Serial Poll.

Back to home page. If exact transfer standards not available, DIY references and manul are acceptable for hobbyist level usage, if there is access to more accurate calibrated DMM during calibration period.

After a RQS message when all of the measurement instructions program codes stored in the internal memory have “trg” They where changed to improve the Make sure A2OQI03 is not open. If you require more detailed information or additional pictures, please feel free to contact us manuual any questions prior to bidding through eBay’s message service or call us at If the waveform is good, replace U If the voltage is wrong or noisy, do the following: Rundown Timing chart that illustrates the order in which the rundown period following the 5 slope.


This information is contained in the SRQ mask is programmed to 00 1 octal. Another system feature of the HP A is its hardware scanner advance capability for scanned or multiplexed system applications.


Buyer shall prepay shipping charges to -hp- and -hp- shall pay shipping charges to return the product to Buyer. Do this procedure only after repairing the e. Refer to eBay Return policy for more details. Most of keypresses do not change any behavior, and some cause random indication changes.

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During a ratio measurement, three complete measurement cycles manua, done. For ppm we will need seconds. Add to watch list Remove from watch list. Try this by using the set up in to measure the contact resistance of a relay. This is very easy if you use a wire-wrap socket having long pins. This failure can be caused by a shorted or leaky QQ This was performed by wired connection, protected with heatshrink tube. Acv Test Table Other standard features include fast autorange and easy-to-use math functions.

| HP A digital voltmeter restoration

Best accuracy is 0. A Program Codes “LlQ”. He said that there is about 1uV of voltage change for 1uA of current change. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. Receiver for the following circuit description.