Hughes AK Sound Retrieval System. add a review I have two AK- ‘s, one working, one not. I would very much like to obtain a PDF. Title: Hughes AK SRS Audio Magazine Review, Author: Ty chamberlain, Name: Hughes AK SRS Audio Magazine Review, Length: 4 pages, Page: 1, . Description. Find A Used Hughes AK HUGHES AK SOUND RETRIEVAL SYSTEM. The Hughes AK Sound Retrieval System.

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Any ideas as to what speakers work best with it? If you have a separate equalizer in your system, it is recommended that it be placed in the signal path after the AK Not bad, but over engineered in a lot of ways.

This process creates a more spacious ambience within the stereo field, producing strong special cues for different instruments in an audio hughhes.

Works like ak010 charm. Hughes aircraft width Machine The dreams of yesterday To make the impossible possible.

Widen the field beyond speakers. You may also like.

Was this the SRS box? I’ve got one, and just route it through a tape loop. Share This Page Tweet. I have a similar unit.

The Hughes system addresses the fact that the transfer function of human hearing is not constant. The hardware box is wk100 versatile as it allows things like reverse and 3D mono which is quite tasty with older recordings.

Hopefully it’s a nice toy. Bluetooth Audio Amplifier, 2-Ch. I have one coming to play with. WolverineMar 31, Aside from the other aural cues, such as time of arrival and relative sound intensity at each ear once thought to be the only elements involved in stereo huggheswe use this transfer function to zero in on the directions from which sounds emanate. I use mine almost all of the time. This is already a good recording but the SRS just seems to fill it out a bit more.


A push button at the left end of the front panel turns on power. The job of an engineer. Try some minor tweaks here and there, and once you settle things to your satisfaction, huges it a hhghes sessions with no changes If it’s anything like those demos I will be very pleased.

But I’ll tell you that it does work very well. For example, sounds coming from straight ahead have a different transfer function, or frequency characteristics, than sounds coming from the sides or from the rear.


This is what worked best for me keeping in mind everyone’s taste and system is different, which I suppose has a lot to do with why they make this sort of thing adjustable in the first place.

Your name or email address: The speakers at least. No, create an account now. If you are looking for that massive stereo sound, and are finding that your plug ins just are doing the trick, hit us up. Home Audio Surround Sound Processors 5. Also, the Carver sonic Hologram, which is similar. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Skip to main content.

ManitoulinFeb 26, It also sounds amazing running whole mixes through it, subsequently making a mix sound bigger. More items related to this product. Exit 5 on the Jersey Turnpike. It’s the hughess SRS unit out there. In audio mastering we can turn your mono world into stereo one with no side effects.


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Kanata OttawaON, Canada. To put it simply, we are tricked into believing that sounds are coming from locations other than the two loudspeakers in front of us. Mostly, have fun with it! Does it work better with Music or for Home Theater?

NTM – Hughes AK-100

And it DOES have hughhes trippy display Because of the SDA technology built into the speakers, I keep the on its lowest settings to keep from getting “overkill” on the dimensional effect. I’ve been interested in trying one of these myself.

huthes Do you really get 3-D sound out of 2 speakers? Discussion in ‘ General Audio Discussion ‘ started by archie2Feb 25, I have few options for good speaker placement so a fellow AKer suggested I look into the AK unit for better imaging.

That was a form of ambiance enhancement. Many people relegate these devices into the audio “toys” department.

Hughes AK SRS component – Audio Asylum Trader

How many of the same thread do you have going? Show More Show Less. The AK may reproduce low frequency rumbling.