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The final evidentiary hearing is scheduled to take place July idccc, The warrants will have a dilutive effect to the extent that the market. As part of our ongoing research and development efforts, InterDigital often builds out entire functioning platforms in various technology areas.

The multi-year agreement also resolved all pending litigation between the companies.


Royalty rates, or other terms, under our patent license agreements could be subject to determination through arbitration or other third party adjudications or regulatory proceedings, and arbitrators or other third party adjudicators or regulators could determine that our patent royalty rates should be at levels lower than our agreed or historical rates. If one or more of these stockholders were to sell large portions of their holdings in a relatively short time, for liquidity or other reasons, the prevailing market price of our common stock could be negatively affected.

Nokia asserted counterclaims for breach of contract, breach of implied contract, unfair competition under Cal. In a USITC proceeding, we would seek an exclusion order to bar infringing goods from entry into the United States, as well as a cease and desist order to bar further sales of infringing goods that have already been imported into the United States.

These inventions include or relate to fundamental elements of TDMA-based systems in use around the world.

As discussed above, 17022 second quarterwe entered into a patent license agreement with Samsung. On October 11,the Delaware District Court granted the defendants’ motion to stay.

Our increased indebtedness could adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations and our ability to meet our payment obligations under such indebtedness.


Geo-location for calculating the position of terminal users. Parties to arbitration might have the right to have the award reviewed in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Also, our development activities may experience delays, which could reduce our opportunities for patent sales and licensing. Issued patents expire at differing times ranging from through Upon the occurrence of certain transactions constituting a fundamental change, including the sale of all or substantially all of our assets, holders of the Notes will have the right, at their option, to require us to repurchase all of their Notes or any portion of the principal amount of such Notes.


Idcc idcc idcc idcc idcc accord reglement pei btp. Various sub-channel access and coding techniques. The Federal Circuit heard oral argument on April 4, In the event that we are unable to renew one or more of such license agreements upon expiration, our future revenue and cash flow could be materially adversely affected.

The price of our common stock is volatile and may decline regardless of our operating performance. Our revenue and cash flow are dependent upon our licensees’ sales and market conditions and other factors that are beyond our control or are difficult to forecast. Our technologies may not be become patented, adopted by wireless standards or widely deployed. During second quarterwe entered into a patent license agreement with Samsung. Heat or snow the price of the vehicle can be updated in the computer system.

Most strategic investments entail a high degree of risk and will not become liquid for a period of time, if at all. On October 23,the Commission issued a Notice further extending the target date for the Commission to issue its Final Determination, in view of the federal government shutdown, from November 13, to December 19, On March 5,the ALJ issued an order establishing August 28, as the target date for completion of the investigation which order the Commission determined not to review on April 1,and a separate order setting the hearing in the matter for January The agreement provides Samsung the ability to terminate certain rights and obligations under the license for the period after but has the potential to provide a license to Samsung for a total of ten years, including In its appeal, InterDigital seeks reversal of the Commission’s claim constructions and non-infringement findings with respect to certain claim terms in U.

  JBL 4716A PDF

We believe that companies making, importing, using or selling products compliant with the standards covered by our patent portfolio, including all manufacturers of mobile handsets, tablets and other devices, require a license under our patents and will require licenses under patents that may issue from our pending patent applications.

InterDigital pursues a diversified approach to sourcing the innovations that underpin our business. We expect to continue to pay quarterly cash dividends on our common stock at the rate set forth in our current dividend policy. Future sales or other dilution of our equity could depress the market price of our common stock. The appeal is thus directed only to the ‘ and ‘ patents.

We expend significant time and effort identifying users and potential users of our inventions and negotiating license agreements with companies that may be reluctant to take licenses. Our current research efforts are focused on technology solutions to solve the industry’s challenges and unlock new capabilities related to connectivity, content delivery, and contextual data, particularly as they relate to handset and other connected devices, such as tablets and laptops, video content delivery, as well as areas of network infrastructure including spectrum research and wireless backhaul.

Signal Trust for Wireless Innovation. On June 23,Nokia Corp. InterDigital opposed that motion on July 29, Historically, we have had large fluctuations in the price of our common stock, and such fluctuations could continue.

We and our customers, in the normal course of business, may have disagreements as to the rights and obligations of the parties under the applicable agreement.