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For specific information pertaining to the Summit Team Finals please refer to your track operator or to Division 1 Patriots Richmond. IHRA Rule Book IHRA Rule Book Cover. Menu. Page View · Contents View · Advertisers · Website. Issue Articles. Issue List. IHRA Rule Book. IHRA Rule Book IHRA Rule Book Page Menu. Page View · Contents View · Advertisers · Website. incorporate a rocker or sill bar to tie the front and.

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One shock per sprung wheel mandatory.

IHRA Rule Book IHRA Rule Book Page 89

They must be designed as follows: Only those units that release all five attachment points in one motion are permitted. Driveshaft loop mandatory on any vehicle which uses racing slicks.

It is acceptable that all seats be mounted vertically and incorporate a compatible crotch strap. Exhaust gases must be directed out of the car body, rearward, away from driver and fuel system.

IHRA Rule Book 2015 IHRA Rule Book : Page 1

The racers on this team will compete for overall Team Championship Honors as well as Individual Championship Honors and awards.

It must be located on the rear of all entries and must break the positive side battery supply to the competition vehicle. Recommended that all rear-engine dragsters incorporate a rear axle pinion housing ruoe device of a rigid design.


Must be full bodied car. Under no circumstances are bolts inserted through belt webbing permitted for mounting.

On all other full bodied applications, a six point roll bar is mandatory. This group is limited to any unaltered or newer foreign bok domestic, production type automobile or truck that is street driven with proof of registration, vehicle insurance with valid license plates. Aftermarket axles and axle retention device mandatory.

All welded parts must have additional visible reinforcement.

Arm restraints are required on all open bodied cars. A roll cage is mandatory on all convertibles running Exact duplicates of stock fenders in fiberglass permitted. Competition-type exhaust system permitted. All fenders must have the edge re-rolled or beaded if altered.

IHRA Rule Book IHRA Rule Book

Front wheel fairings prohibited. Vook the switch is mounted in any other fashion, it must be labeled in a way that is clearly identifiable as to which way off is positioned. Full bodied cars must have windshield.

While many of you have already received your copy of the IHRA rulebook, in addition to the online edition being available throughout the year, updates or changes may be made during the season and all information regarding rulebook changes can be found at www.


Arm iyra must be installed in a way that they will release with the drivers restraint system.

IHRA Rule Book IHRA Rule Book-2013 : Page 89

A minimum of a 6 point roll bar is mandatory on all convertibles running SN- 95 or newer or SFI See appropriate SFI specification for all full bodied entries 8.

Rigid-mount rear axles permitted. Minimum of two rear-wheel hydraulic brakes required. Upper-torso restraining straps are permitted in all other cars. See Class Requirements for type of protective clothing required for class such as SFI jacket, pants, gloves, boots, shoes, head sock or arm restraints. Any grinding of welds prohibited. Vehicles must pass all state highway safety requirements in which the vehicle is registered prior to acceptance. The vehicles OEM installed anti lock brakes, airbag function and seat belts as well as any other related system must be functional as per the manufacturers specifications at all times.