The Indian Institute of Management by architect Louis I. Kahn was built in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India in – Louis Kahn, one of the finest modern architects, designed the IIM-A campus in India: the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A). Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad (IIM) is a major icon of modernism Architecture, designed by American architect Louis Kahn.

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Welcome to ArchEyes If you are an Architect, a Furniture Designer, a Photographer or you simply have something important to tell about Architecture you can submit your work to ArchEyes. Students glanced at the boards and photographs as they walked by.

File:Louis Kahn Plaza, IIM – Wikimedia Commons

In other words, his tendency of building deceptively simple outer walls around complex, playful inner ones. If only this book had been around in Also, do you want to get some coffee? The two sections are connected by a subterranean tunnel. That confounding cocktail of the oblique and elusive, in a nutshell, was my first few weeks on the campus of IIM-A.

In louiz walls and brick facades combined with concrete, resulting in a mixed construction and ornamental. It is basically a building made of brick, traditional Indian materials. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.

File:Louis Kahn Plaza, IIM Ahmedabad.jpg

You want a house on this plot? The only unifying element of these two formal types was the use of diagonal wall surfaces. This page was last edited on 7 Aprilat Permission Reusing this file.

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They stepped out, the new students with their parents, and were instantly struck by the disorientation that Kahn seemed to revel in. The extensive complex includes a library, teaching facilities and residential buildings. The provision of student dormitories and the school encourages human contact.

Indian Institute of Management. The sad truth is that few students, at least when I was on campus, spent any time at all realizing that they were living in one of the great buildings of the world.

Indian Institute of Management

Fri, Jun 16 It is just a hostel with rooms and a building with offices. It was built in an isolated rural area many miles away from the first point urbanized city of Ahmedabad, one of the most populous in India, khn Gujarat state, west of the country and bordering with Pakistan to the northwest.

Okay, take this building, now figure out how you will respond to it and make it respond to you. And we would wonder: In fact it is, in some ways, a compliment.

Unfortunately, Kahn was unable to see his design come lois fruition as he had died in New York City in before the project was finished. You can find out more or switch them off if you prefer. Retrieved from ” https: Views View Edit History. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.

On a campus that was proud of its exceptionalism, this was one more thing to feel exceptional about. Kahn is perhaps best known in India for a building that is not only one of his finest works, but also houses one of the finest educational institutions in India: Make sense of kan first, Kahn seems to be saying, before you make sense of balance sheets, market segmentation and the IS-LM model.


The intense light and heat were attenuated by covered walkways, light boxes and interior courtyards.

What do iahn think of that, Brick? It began in and that same year the architect was commissioned to another important oluis in Dhaka, the National Assembly of Bangladesh. The relationship of the plant shows the relationship between the school and the different residences, creating both a constructive and functional unit. I would try to make it from Dorm 5 to Dorm 10, say, and find myself permanently stuck in the basement of Dorm 2.

File:Louis Kahn – Wikipedia

The scale for this great campus was determined by the Indian government and the western state of Gujarat and was inspired by the Harvard Business School. This is an eminently readable book about a truly fascinating man. The commission initially offered to a local architect Balkrishna Doshi Vithaldas, but that he had met Kahn in Philadelphia and was aware of the importance of their work and the importance that the new project would have both Kahn and for India, recommended that be given the new project to American architect.

That is not a criticism of architecture or architectural writing. That she has written such a readable biography of a man who appears to have been so complex, layered and even mystical, is a triumph in itself.