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(IMM ). Working in Canada. Applying for a Work Permit. Outside Canada. This application is made available free of charge by Citizenship and. Immigration . Instruction Guide [IMM ]. Once you have read the guide, you can prepare your application package. You must select the country/territory How to complete. Application for Work Permit Made Outside Canada [IMM ] (PDF, KB) Instruction Guide [IMM ] 2. I tried to fill the Form , but.

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Guide – Applying for a Work Permit outside Canada –

Question 4 Enter the date your national identity document was issued. In most cases, you will need one to work legally in Canada. Use your computer Mac or PC. Email sign up First Name. Payment issue — No fee included. Box number, you must type the street number, Street name.

However, you may submit your applications together online or at a Visa Application Centre VAC and use one payment receipt for the total amount. Check the box to tell us if you have ever been married or in a common-law relationship. Validate, sign and include the barcode form on top of your application. Fill out this form only if you: Imk will need a medical exam if you: Other issue not in this list. To avoid processing delays, pay your biometric fees at the same time as 54877 application processing fees, using the same method of payment.


You may be able to book an appointment in advance to give your biometrics at the same time that you submit your application at a Visa Application Centre VAC. If you are married, you must send a photocopy of your marriage licence or certificate with imk application. For more information, check the Application to work in Canada page.

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Checklists take minutes to publish and can rank as well as blog posts. To work in Canada, your spouse or common-law partner and your dependent children must apply for their own work permits.

Question 1 Current activity or job Give details about your current activity or job: There are certain things imj can do to help make sure your application is processed as fast as possible:.

Find more details in the Help Centre. Find out who needs to give biometrics and how the new application process works. You must answer all the im, on this form unless instructed otherwise. Find out if you need a work permit.

It is very important that you list all of your children even if they are already permanent residents or citizens of Canada. You must submit your application within 90 days from either the date your final marks are issued or when you receive a formal written notification of graduation whichever comes first.


Report a problem imk mistake on this page. If you need more space, print out another page of the form, fill in this section and submit it with your application. Common- Law This means that you have lived continuously with your partner in a marital-type relationship for a minimum of one year. Your marriage must be legally recognized in the country where it was performed and in Canada. Widowed This means that your spouse has died and that you have not re-married or entered into a common-law relationship.

You can be inadmissible for several reasons, including being involved in: You may need to pay the fees in local currency. This iimm travel documents like a visitor visa, study or work permits or an eTA electronically linked to your passport. If chosen, we will ask you to attend an interview with an IRCC official to: