Did you know that you can embed PDF files in content just like you put flash and other media? Well, this plugin from Techjoomla does exactly that – it allows you. The 3d display module is very easy to integrate with Joomla, as now days the website are very user friendly and rich in user interface using various technology . Phoca PDF plugin is a part of Phoca PDF framework, which is a component for Joomla!. After installing this component you need to install and enable Phoca.

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Functionality It just says no preview available. Can generate thumbnails and cache data for Posted on 07 February Facebook and LinkedIn have more than proven the importance of having an intelligent suggestion system to enhance the depth of connections in a Social network.

It can be useful for creating products presentations, portfolio, showing latest news and others. Don’t recommend this product. ARI Zoom By ari-soft. Posted on 08 September The title says it all.


ARI Docs Viewer

Easy configuration and easy to use. Functionality I tried this version 2. You can load an external PDF file in your content very easily using this plugin. CMS module which displays panoramic image in module position.

Perfect Anthony cowburn 3. Posted on 29 May This extension does NOT implement the Joomla!

We can easily say that InviteX, a Techjoomla extension is the Use this module to encourage users to complete their profiles. It can also create different charts based on data from tables.

MailAlerts by Techjoomla you visionneuze can send your users periodic email alerts of whats happening on your site.

ARI Docs Viewer, by – Joomla Extension Directory

Posted on 02 January Render only when control triggered by user input. I couldn’t use it. Start generating serious revenue with this powerful powerful and scalable advertising solution! Visiomneuse is possible to use any media content like images, videos, sound and other elements which can do content more user-friendly and attractive.

ARI Quiz Lite has been updated. I used this to: Supports mouse wheel and touch for iPads and such Mouse MailAlerts is great for Intranets, S The above steps don’t work with forms. I could not get the google viewer to work – joolma even in Chrome. Ease of use It’s very straightforward to use.


Solved a huge issue! What a great little plugin! ARI Magnifier module ivsionneuse nice magnification effect to your images and view pictures in detail.

PredWeb 3D Viewer

This application needs the Jomsocial Extension. You can have a look at the documentation again. This plugin let visualize my documents in the article of my website.

The module has been updated. So you guys are aware that most of the promotion and interaction happens on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Documentation It was not immediately clear where the documentation resides, but once the plugin has been installed, it will tell you.