Manometers MP KIMO MP -K: from to °C -J: from to °C -T: from to °C CO/Temperature: CO: from 0 to ppm, from Consult KIMO’s MP brochure on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/4. This is the MP Thermo-Anemo-Manometer. It is an easy to use meter which can take complex measurements. The MP is designed to measure Air.

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Click on Esc to return to previous screen. Repeat this operation for the month, year, hour and minute. Go to Recording menu. Once pressing Autoz key, the zero is readjusted. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. For others measurement modules, self-calibration is performed by disconnecting the two pressure inlets of the sensor, then by pressing Autoz key. In regards of Quality insurance norms, we recommend that the instruments are checked once a year.

From this screen you can: If the probe has been just connected, the screen indicates the remaining time of warm up then the measurement screen appears, indicates the concentration and places it on a bargraph.

With Pressure function, you can access to following sub-functions – Hold – see Air velocity – Config. When the solenoid valve is enabled, it runs every minute. Click on OK to validate.

Kimo MP 200 H Thermo Anemometer Manometer Air Velocity Pressure Sensor

You can choose between a planned or a continuous dataset. The ”Probe” menu only appears when probes or module are connected. Probe display Available information are: To save your dataset click on Save with the access key. If Other is selected, you must enter a value. Select Start for dataset launching. Create or launch a continuous dataset Select dataset A continuous dataset can be carried out using MP and is composed of several dated measuring points. Enter dataset time and kimp of time between 2 measurements by selecting Period with access key.


The operator can choose an automatic or a manual dataset, with an instant value or an average. Select compensation It is possible to modify the value of the compensation in temperature.

This sub-function allows to compensate for any long-term drifts of the sensing element by a manual adjustment of the zero. Probe Hold Alarms Params Veloci.

KIMO MP 200 manometer

When CO peak is selected, the period is diplayed 30 seconds by default. Preview of tables of points of datasets Dataset summary You can display tables of points of datasets performed on the device.

Memory capacity of the instrument is up to 8, points or 50 datasets. The beep repetition frequency will increase accordong to the increase of detected gas concentration, and the display will blink at the same frequency. Summary screen of selected dataset is displayed. Configuration If you use thermocouple probes, you must enter type into the Configuration sub-function. Press Ok for launching measurement. For measurement launching, click on OK with the access key. Configuration sub-function allows to: Use the arrows to modifiy the threshold value then press Validate to validate alarm threshold and back to measurement screen.

MP Portable Thermo-Anemo-Manometer

On disabled mode, the probe is connected, the measurement is not carried ki,o and the value is not displayed. If you want to see all values, select Visu.


Planification must be made via the software. If you click on average icon, max. To modify the period, press Period with the access key. This function can also be automatically performed by using the solenoid valve function.

You can view each measuring points if you click on Visu. Click on Mesure to display values table of selected dataset. Press 1x in order to select HOLD function: If the probe is kkimo for more than 1 minute, measurement screen appears and indicates ikmo concentration and places it on a bargraph.

Average – Rec Recording Veloci. Launch a planned dataset A planned dataset is composed of several locations. From this screen, press Measure to back to measurement. If K factor is selected, you must enter value. The numbers of points is displayed. Remove the front part at the back of the instrument. Numbers of selected points and parameter for which calculation is carried out, are displayed For adding a new measuring point to this calculation, press OK to confirm.

KIMO User manual MP Manometer |

For each location, the operator can enter a theorical value and a tolerance for the parameter to be controlled. Wire probes with M system Wire probes with Smart-plus system are automatically recognized when connected to the instrument. It is thus necessary to enter the real temperature of use to obtain more precise results.