Quick and dirty (like a Kobold), 9th Level Games is dying to put out a proper new print version of KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! and we need your. Kobolds Ate My Baby Super Deluxx Edition [John Kovalic, Chris O’Neill, Dan Landis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kobolds Ate My. Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers editorially hand-picked children’s books every 1, 2, or 3 months — at 40% off List Price.

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You can never have enough goblins! Estimated delivery Aug Custom pressed, official KAMB dice — in kobold orange. To download the most up-to-date rules for all Munchkin games, go to our Rules page!

Share this project Done. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We will not do anything to hurt or rush this product. Heck yes he can! Check out the FAQ.

There – is an adventure for use with the Kobolds Ate My Baby! Voting will begin if we can reach this goal to update one of these “gems from the past. We appreciate any help so King Torg will give thanks to everyone in the back of the new book.

Munchkin® Kobolds Ate My Baby!™

See description for more. For every dollar pledged, 9th Level Games will kill one kobold online at www. A non-stop, growing buffet of super awesome rewards! Brawn, Ego, Extraneous, and Reflexes. Once the Kickstarter has ended, you can go to http: DeLuxx edition Review “. Shiny pages filled with amazing color art. This means throwing cool hard monies to rad games and toys, and doing our part to get the word out to interested parties like you.


Kobolds Ate My Baby!

With the Kickstarter far exceeding our puny hopes and dreams — we will have the funds to atte John spend more time working on our favorite little monsters. If we can get people like you excited about Kobolds, then we are committed to making all of these “extras” happen – including more rewards, new adventures, the first major Kobolds update and addition in over a decade, plus more more more!!!

If we can reach our goal, everyone at Team Kobold will be super excited.

All Hail King Torg! You can start playing Kobolds today! We treat our artist as a co-creator and he’s an amazing professionalso we don’t expect there to be any issues getting the art done.

Munchkin Skullkickers Baldy and Shorty and Munchkin — together at last! Here are the errata and frequently asked questions for ALL Munchkin games.

Reaching this level will allow us to create the PDF and print on demand versions of this book that is burning a hole in our hard-drive! Mixed up iobolds decks? The name is a derivative reference to the Azaria Chamberlain disappearance and the famous misquote, “A dingo ate my baby!

Still, 9th Level Games was just these two guys from the suburbs of Philadelphia making games in the basement often literally in the basement. Funding period Mar 4, – Apr 3, 30 days. Estimated delivery Jul Munchkin Deluxe The original card game — now with a board!


The number of dice that are rolled increases with the difficulty of the action; if the total of the dice rolled by the player is less than or equal to their character’s statistic the action succeeds. This page was last edited on 5 Septemberat Dork Storm Press 9th Level Games.

Estimated delivery Apr Beer and Pretzels Role-Playing Game. Ships to Only United States. John Kovalic will be drawing Freeport Kobolds for it. Kobolda don’t eat books. The game takes a generally humorous look baaby the genre and encourages joking and ludicrous, ,obolds behavior among the players, the chief of which is the rule that whenever the name of the kobolds’ king, Torg All Hail King Torg! FromKAMB slowly built up an audience of fun loving fans and spawned a host of supplements, revisions, editions and some truly amazing convention events.

We will also look for some outside professional assistance in layout and design to make the books look even better and send Dan and Chris down into the funny mines to make more funnies!

You can check it out on the videos above.