: La Guerra De Los Yacares (Cuentos De La Selva) (Spanish Edition) Home Horacio Quiroga, Rodrigo Folgueira (Illustrator) La Guerra De Los. La Guerra De Los Yacares (Cuentos De La Selva) (Spanish Edition) by Horacio Quiroga, Rodrigo Folgueira (Illustrator) and a great selection of related books.

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La Guerra de Los Yacares : Horacio Quiroga :

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In an instant the alligators disappeared below the water and swam toward the riverbank, where they remained concealed, with only their noses and eyes visible.

And they were sad because the small alligators complained of hunger. Later, the boat reappeared at the dyke and the men on board cried out: The alligators attached themselves one to the other, from the tail of one to the neck of the other, from the tail of that one to the neck of the next in line, gusrra forming a long chain of alligators more than a block long.

But they wish to know nothing of warships. Suddenly the warship filled with smoke and launched its first cannon at the dyke. Here comes the whale! They all went to the forest and felled more than 10, trees, above all lapachos and quebrachosbecause their yaacres was very hard loos They cut them with the sharp edges that alligators have above their tails; they pushed them into the water and nailed them together the entire width of the river, one metre apart.


On board were an officer and eight sailors. From there they saw dead and wounded men and some still living carried by the current through the opening left by the cannon. They found not a single one. The alligators jumped and the torpedo rose to the surface of the water. And as they were very tired they lay down to sleep yuerra the beach. The alligators then left the water, very angry with the old alligator, because quiroya had tricked them, saying that it was a whale.

La Guerra de Los Yacares

And the boat returned to the steamer, while the alligators, delirious with happiness, vigorously beat the water with their tails.

Hearing this, the small alligators began crying out with fear, plunging their heads.

Did that one too want to pass? No steamer would be able to pass through there and always, always, quigoga would be fish. I have lived and worked with homeless people, disabled people and refugees.

He cocked an ear and actually heard far off, very far off, a dull, deep sound. They were sure that no one would come to frighten the fish. In the quirogq moment, from the warship there emanated an enormous cloud of white smoke. No one knew and all were quiet. And there was nothing left of it, nothing, nothing. That same afternoon and night they made another dyke, with immense trunks.


He witnessed a battle between two warships and brought an unexploded torpedo here. Later in I plan to publish a book of stories.

A warship passes along our river and frightens the fish.

I lived in my hometown untilobtaining a degree in Arts, with majors in sociology and communication studies, quiroha The fish returned too. The alligators exchanged looks all around: At once they set to work on the dyke. In effect, the steamer was still far off when it stopped. Why would they die if the steamer kept navigating the river?

But do you know what these teeth are going to eat tomorrow morning? There were no more fish. I am a personal carer, writer and traveller, among other things, originally from just outside Melbourne in Australia. And as they were all hungry, yacarrs went looking for fish.