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This sufra the true meaning of Parinamana, that is, turning one’s merit over to others for their spiritual interest. Because of reality dharmata the Tathagatas do not discriminate, they go beyond discrimination and futile reasoning, they do not follow 20 the individuation-aspect of forms rupa except when [reality] is disclosed for the edification of the unknowing lwnkavatara for the sake of their happiness.

With the former he realises that this world of particulars has no reality, is devoid of an ego-substance anatman and that in this sense it resembles Maya or a visionary flower in the air.

It is another Mahayana sutra that has influenced the Chinese and the Japanese mind profoundly. ,ankavatara Lanka cannot be imagined to have been compiled prior to the Prajnaparamitanor to the Gandavyuha or Avatamsaka ; if so, why this absence? In the Dharmakaya, whose self-nature is like a vision or a dream, what is there to praise? Lord of Lanka, it is like beings painted sugra colours on a wall, they have no sensibility [or intelligence].

Encyclopedia of Buddhism Vol 6. Those 13 [Buddha]-lands were seen with the Leaders. In fact, the birth of a Tathagata is nowhere else than in this Garbha. He is ever devising for the enlightenment and emancipation of all sentient beings. His idea is to prove the ineffectiveness of logic suzkki the domain of our spiritual life.


The Lankavatara sutra [microform] ; a Mahayana text

The ten-headed King of Lanka saw the splendour again as seen before on the mountain-peak, [he saw] the Tathagata, who was the Arhat and the Fully-Enlightened One, with the thirty-two marks of excellence beautifully adorning his person, and also saw himself on each mountain-peak, together with Mahamati, in front of the Tathagata, the Fully-Enlightened One, putting forward his discourse on the realisation experienced by the Tathagata in his inmost self, and, surrounded by the Yakshas, conversing on the verbal teachings and stories [of the Buddha].

Jacob K rated it liked it Jul 25, But at the same time it is due to the Alaya’s self-purifying nature that there takes place a great catastrophe in it known as “turning-back”. With this in view, he is always inspiring the Bodhisattvas with his sovereign power prabhava and sustaining adhishthana them in their efforts to bring enlightenment in the whole triple world.

Another way of classifying the Vijnanas is according to their Lakshana or modes of being, of which three are distinguishable as evolving pravrittias performing deeds karmaand as retaining their own original nature jati.

Whatever enlightenment one gains, it must be shared by one’s fellow-beings. To be above changes means to remain in one’s own abode, not to move away from it, and for this reason reality is known as “self-abiding” svasthap.

And whence [the doctrine of] egolessness?

What kind of teaching is in accordance with popular thinking? But the verses being too concise and often merely mnemonic, one finds it too lankavarara to cut them up into groups and to take the latter as containing so many definite sets of thoughts. He cites Suzuki’s book on the sutra, which is expensive, and I doubt I will splurge for at this time, thought I might invest in another translation of this sutra because I want to read the messy grab bag version. So states the Lanka that as the wise see reality with their eye of Prajna, they ascertain definitely what it is, i.


Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra – Wikipedia

Thought he, “How is this? This simile is generally regarded as best describing the relation of unity and multiplicity, of one absolute reality and this world of names and forms. And is this not the teaching of the Lankavatara Sutrawhich in its English garb now lies before his friend as well as all other readers? This will become clearer later on. I like this book, especially first chapter This aspect of reality is described as “unobtainable” or “unattainable” anupalabdha.

It is a bold attempt on the part of the translator to try to render some of the deepest thoughts that have been nourished in the East into a language to which he was not born.

Catalog Record: An index to the Lankavatara sutra (Nanjio | Hathi Trust Digital Library

At that time the assembly of the Bodhisattvas together with Sakra and Brahma, each thought within himself:. To understand thus the psychology of Buddhism properly the knowledge of these terms is necessary: Hence Nagarjuna’s hair-splitting dialectics. Arriving in the delightful city [the Buddha was] again the recipient of honours; he was honoured by the group of Yakshas including Ravana and by the Yaksha women. It is in the Manovijnana that lankafatara conditions are cherished such as forms, figures, [etc.

The so-called Interpenetration which constitutes the central thought of the sutra is symbolically and effectively treated in the Duzuki translations by Buddhabhadra 60 fas. Sometimes one single verse is taken out of the group where it belongs in the main text and inserted in an unexpected connection.