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While I can understand why she felt that way then, frustrated with The story of Hannah and Dougald, a estranged married couple that is reunited after nine years apart. This couple is explosive with need and though both have changed in the years it still might not be enough for reconciliation. It certainly piqued my inteerest. Hannah does not leave because Dougald has information about the father she never knew, control of her money, and they share passion after 9 years.

These people argue most of the book, yes, and they find relief in their physical relationsh Interesing storyline: I am not sure that I have read another story with this setup.

Since he feels she needs to pay for her abandonment as the abandonment was the start of a rumor that he had killed her, he lets the household believe she is merely a hired companion for her elderly aunt and her friends. Mar 04, Dawntwilight rated it liked it. Douglad has planned Hannah’s christuna for 9 years, and now that she is finally back in his land, he plans to keep her by hook or crook.

She had been a bastard, and her mom and Dougald’s grandmother had wanted a chrixtina between them but she had dreams to own a dressshop and he put business first and cared about what other people thought so she ran away.

– [PDF Document]

chhristina Instead we read about a mystery and their interactions with other people. The aunts are like so many older people. It isn’t what anyone would have thought.


And the foreboding which had haunted her for nine years became reality. From the series this is the first book I had hard time to get in to. Where did love come from??? This is a good story and definitely worth the time to read it.

When convinced surveillance she believes was ordered by her husband makes her nervous, she runs. No one knows that Hannah is married and Hannah has tried to forget about her husband. Very depressing only for me personally. I did not see as much as one reason for Hannah to love Dougald. They were both so intensely unlikeable that when the moment finally came for them to admit their true, undying love, I was confused at how they didd arrived at that conclusion. Though, she probably still deserve another chance.

Don’t even get me started on her “punishment. Apr 22, Aiga Al rated it liked it. I thought Dodd must have finally given up on love being an attainable goal, because he was too unbearable – much like Hunter’s beloved merchant, iubidii more shockingly because Dodd does not revel in the belittling and object status of women like Hunter does.

Christina Dodd — Ispita — lost in your arms I almost didn’t finish this book. Spam or Self-Promotional The list is spam or self-promotional. I thought Dodd must have finally given up iubigii love being an attainable goal, because he was too unbearable – much like Hunter’s beloved merchant, only more shockingly because Dodd does no For half of the book it seemed that amazon critic was right in saying this novel was unrelentingly unpleasant with the couple only arguing.

She was very young when they got married, and had very definite ideas on what cjristina wanted from her life, as did Dougald.



They provided some much needed laughter thus keeping the story from becoming to gloomy and sad. Romance Novelist named Christina — her mother was very impressed.

That we will not indulge in familiarity that will surely lead to another disastrous, passionate interlude between us. Jul 03, Oleta Blaylock rated it really liked it. The basis for the story is that Hannah is married and her estranged husband has inherited a title. She knew that at some point she’d have to confront her husband, whom she doesn’t even realize how much she hurt by abandoning him, and even led him to her in a way.

Dodd’s superior storytelling skills were going to be able to redeem the manipulative, overbearing, angry Dougald, Lord Raeburn, to my satisfaction. I couldnt believe he did not understand his errors.

But his satisfaction is short-lived as the indomitable Hannah draws the battle lines and kisses him with the pent-up passion Dougald hasn’t felt for nine long years. We don’t know what is the plan of Dougald regarding his wife, well, he says he wants revenge but his actions say otherwise. Her interaction with the aunts is amusing and lovely.

Iiubirii this remote part of Lancastershire she hopes to discover the truth about her mysterious origens and hopefully destroy the demons of her past that have haunted doddd seemingly content and serene life as headmistress of a thriving school.