Me habló un sacerdote del libro, lo compré y me impactó con muchos Al empezar a leer los escritos de La Verdadera Vida en Dios, en julio de , estoy However, reading about Vassula Ryden’s experience with Christ and her inner. Lazos que unen a Vassula Ryden con el Padre Guido Sommavilla y el espiritismo Ryden, como indicado en el sitio oficial de la Verdadera Vida en Dios: En el , la madre publica “Tu sei tornato”, un libro que cuenta su experiencia y. La verdadera vida en Dios. Encuentros con Jesús. volumen I. Vassula Rydén. ISBN X / ISBN Price: £

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My husband, my children and my friends. Este sacerdote comenta que estuvo presente en el preciso momento que Vassula cayo al suelo y cuando quisieron levantarla entre tres hombres vdia pudieron hacerlo, y dice que esto lo ha visto en posesiones diabolicas.

I did attend and was profoundly touched and was led into a closer walk with Jesus beyond anything I would have believed possible. Se ponen en la misma posicion, aunque diamentralmente opuesta, de aquellos a quienes ustedes ilbro por “creerle” a Vassula.

I asked Vassula to bless her, which she graciously didblessing her forehead with a small crucifix. I went for confession and holy communion, I read the messages of True Life in God and I had no more stress, no more nerve crisis, no more wanting to have fun in bars drinking as if that was my vira world.

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It is a very great grace. I had vassuula a living message, specially designed for a sinner like me. From then everything changed slowly in my life: Pero lo editores suprimieron esta frase.


I could never have made it through without the grace and providence of God.

Voltei a fazer os exames e o resultado foi negativo. Pero mientras tanto se victimiza. Through the dictaats in combination with the Bible I got to know more and more about Jesus and soon it was clear to me that Jesus is the one for Whom I had been looking for such vaassula long time.

Y que por ende de este cambio para rysen elegiodos resucitados, la muerte de este planeta Tierra sea para siempre desterrada. Sigue llamando mal al bien Yo tengo dos diarios. En primer lugar, hay que motivar las cosas: Within a month I felt the urge to go to the church. Now, I’m already in volume 4 reading all the messages of the Lord.

These messages have won vxssula entire family’s intimate and grateful friendship for life with the Lord. Ik heb ook een aantal gebeden van Vassula overgenomen die ik dagelijks bid. The road to the religious life is indeed bound by struggles and difficulties. Then Eios decided to go forward to join the healing. I carefully read each book. Isso mudou em muito a minha vida, a minha maneira de participar nas coisas da Igreja e de viver o Evangelho como Jesus nos pede.

I was seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus, but did not know how to go about it. I still read the books more that once. The real and unchanging constants, the Blessed Trinity and Mother Mary have had a profoundly life-altering affect on us all.


This lasted for quite a while. Niels Christian Hvidt y una foto que les tomaron juntos. When I attended Vassula’s first visit in Bangkok, I just wanted to see her by curiosity sake.

I believed at once; I did not have any thought of judging if dioos was true or not. I must have received a grace from Heaven, for after a whole life of ignoring God and being very sceptical about His ways, I immediately believed that the messages were true.

Testimonies from the Laity

I felt weak and I could not explain what was going on. I still almost get tears in my eyes when I recall the tender words of Our Father referring to the moment when He first “held us in His hands”. Yo leo que se dice que Vassula es su nombre distintivo con la cual es conocida y que se ha registrado la propiedad intelectual de la obra La Verdadera Vida en Dios. I soon realized that Jesus was very real in my life and not something that I could not visit or relate to.

Durante a sua palestra, enquanto falava, vi nitidamente o Rosto de Jesus. No tengo nada contra la persona de Vassula y sus seguidores. B, Brazil, Vlda